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How To Smash Through A Book Every Week

It may sound crazy, but with a couple of top tips, you too can become an avid reader.

We’ve all heard the fact that Warren Buffet reads 400 pages a day; that the average CEO reads an around 60 books per year. It’s intimidating yet alluring – plus in this fast-paced digital world, feels almost archaic. But trust us when we say: reading is good and reading a lot? Well that’s even better.

Smashing a book every week – whether fiction, non-fiction or even a comic – is a sure way to get your neurons firing. Reading is known to slow the progress of dementia and Alzheimer’s, improve concentration, focus and create feelings of relaxation. The benefits are startling. So strap yourself in, young padawan, for here are seven tips to get you smashing one book every goddamn week.

Make it a priority

Without being overly simplistic, reading needs to become something you just do. That means being dedicated, but not precious – no more thinking of reading as a ‘luxury’ or for only ‘when you’re in the mood’. This is now your everyday reality. Begin with a goal. 30 pages per day equates to one book per week, so try starting there.

Utilise spare time

Do you commute to work? An hour on a train or bus each day is optimum reading time. Tallied up, that could be five hours reading per week – enough to finish a book. So switch off social media and get your nose in that novel!

Read before work, not bed

Most of us have our books perched on a nightstand, but what happens when you’re two pages in and the sleepy comes over you? No more book finishing for you. Mix it up and set aside half an hour in the morning for your pages. Your day will begin more mindfully, and by the time you go to work, you’ve already smashed your goal for the day.

Try audiobooks

If your eyes are preoccupied, or you just fancy using your ears, audiobooks are great way to get through a paperback. Apps like Audible or Blinkist allow you to choose your pace, bookmark your spot, and start and stop just like a regular book. Plus you might just get to enjoy the soothing sounds of Stephen Fry.

Stop reading if it sucks

There is no point suffering through a book just to say you’ve read it. In fact, this is more likely to make you quit reading altogether. You may be tempted to persist because you spent $30 on it, but trust us, the pain is not worth the prize.

Read on your device

It’s 2020 and time to stop being a purist. Sure, a paperback smells good, but if lugging one around is stopping you from reading, it’s a lose-lose. Your phone is there to make your life easier, so use it! iBooks app, Kindle, whatever is your poison, start capitalising on those lost minutes in the day and hit the (digital) books.

Read multiple books at once

Having more than one book on the go at once gives you options. If your reading is mood-dependent, choose a variety of styles, genres or tones to cover your bases. We recommend having a something fact-based, something more longform and fictional, and something lightweight and funny. Essentially, you want to always be in the middle of something ambitious and something easier, which will ensure there’s something for however you’re feeling.

Befriend the library

Remember these things? They’re actually amazing. Free books! Free movies! Free quiet spaces! Your newfound habit won’t break the bank thanks to your local library, plus there’s the time incentive of due dates. Many library’s also have an e-book program, so you may not even need to leave your home.

Keep tabs on your habit

Nothing is as satisfying as a list. Start logging each book you read, as well as jotting down books you want to read. Watching your ‘checked’ list grow is a fantastic way to affirm your reading habit, plus it’s always there when you want to refer a book to a friend. Notes or Google Keep work perfectly.

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