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Friday: Fits For Fewer

Introducing a new weekly segment taking inspiration from the best tunnel fits from all around the globe. This means the NBA, the NFL and even the Champions League. If there’s a baller fit, best bet, we will find a way to replicate it for a much lower price. We don’t have the salary of Steph Curry or Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s up to us to find a way to replicate that baller style in a way that doesn’t make us refinance our house or lively hoods.

In a nutshell, we are finding a way for you to look and feel like a baller without having to break the bank. Right at this minute, we are watching the Lakers take on the champions, Golden State Warriors, and surprise, surprise—they are talking about Russell Westbrook. We will also be talking about the NBA star, just not about him looking in the mirror, well, not in the way mainstream media intends it.

For us Aussies, we have a specific set of resources for finding baller fits. Across the country, there’s a limited supply of what we are after. In this case, the monolith, that is, the internet—will have to suffice.

Let’s delve into the first edition of Fits For Fewer.

LeBron James

If it’s one component building a goat case for Bron—it’s his tunnel vision. This fit is simple yet screams dollar signs. Often we look at brand symbols and bright colours as ways to gauge how expensive a fit may be. This fit sits right up there. You just can’t see what’s on the tag of each piece (leaving out the Louis bag, of course). So here’s how to create this look for fewer dollars.

Jumper: Shein, solid thermal coffee brown

Shein online

Price: $12.95


Where to buy: Zara

Price: $75.95 AUD

Eyewear: BURBERRY Wide fit – High bridge fit

Where to buy: Sunglass Hut

Price: $307.00 AUD

Sneakers: Nike Air Force 1 ’07 SN

Where to buy: Nike Online

Price: $320 AUD

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