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Try The Workout That Got Michael B. Jordan Jacked For Creed

This isn’t a drill. We have tried the program, and we can say it’s both brutal and effective. However, be warned—nothing comes easy.

Michael B. Jordan has become a household name when it comes to all things masculine, sexy and downright ripped. The prodigal son of Apollo Creed has not only made it in Hollywood but is the poster boy for all things fashion, philanthropy and a strong voice of the next generation. Jordan is dominating in a world where domination is extremely difficult. Our chief editor Steve Kavakos tried Michael B. Jordan’s workout. The one that got him jacked-up for Creed. It’s safe to say there are no shortcuts. The program works, but it comes at a cost. A physical one. It’s a 30-day transformation program made by COREY CALLIET. The trainer responsible for Jordan’s physique.

If you have managed to see the second Rocky-franchise picture Creed II, you’ll understand us when we say, Michael B. Jordan is totally jacked, and ready to destroy any punk-boxer in his way. It’s been a while since Creed II made it to the big screen however, since the program had fantastic results we thought it would be great to bring it to our readers who may be experiencing some lockdown blues. The majority of the program can be completed from a home gym, with dumbells and barbells.

There’s also a strict diet and eating plan, which we found to be a little absurd for the amount of exercise you will undertake. We thought it best to just share the weight section for now. Trust us, that will be enough. Here’s the breakdown.

Creed II

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