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Smart Mattresses Are The Next Fitness Trend And There’s A Reason Why

Forget the roller, the muscle gun and the ice baths. Sleep is your new best friend.

If Lewis Hamilton swears by it, and the entire Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team uses it, we dare say it’s a product you’ll want to explore.

When it comes to fitness fads, we are sceptical about most thrown our way. Many fitness trends tend to make their way to our feeds via Instagram influencers and celebrity endorsements. For every twenty products, we’ll be fortunate to pick three that make sense—leaving the slush pile filled with forgotten fitness trackers, apps and gimmicks that promise results within the first week.

We stumbled across the next fitness trend that will transcend the fitness market and enter the lifestyle space. Smart mattresses will be the way forward for many of us. Think, complete control of your temperature when you sleep, no matter the temperature of your room. Innovative mattresses like the Pod Pro Cover will allow sleepers to control their body temperature while they sleep, tracking and changing the temperature of your body to suit the different stages of sleep you enter. It doesn’t stop there. Sleepers will also be able to change the temperature of one’s side while the other side of the mattress can be changed to another seperate temperature. Ah, we can hear all the couples fighting over heat temperature in bed right now. Good thing that can be an argument of the past, as the future indicates sleepers can sleep at their own temperature, while the other either freezes or joins the depths of hell through their differing mattress temperature.

The industry is calling this sleep fitness. Yes, that’s now a thing. How fit are you when it comes to sleep fitness? Because fitness no longer stops when you leave the confines of the gymnasium, it will now follow you home as your head hits your pillow. The Pod Pro Cover, created by the company Eight Sleep, promises sleepers will fall asleep faster and provide deeper sleep and fewer wake-ups. Where do we sign up? There’s no wondering why smart mattresses are making their way into the lives of fitness professionals, recovery has become a serious part of training at the professional level right down to the amateur ranks. Muscle recovery depends on hours of deep sleep, and before the Pod Pro Cover, sleep fitness stopped at fitness trackers. To top it all off, the Pod Pro Cover provides the latest alarm technology—imagine waking up without waking your partner up. Thanks to mattress vibrations and temperature changes, you’ll be able to wake up without waking your significant other from the best dream they’ll ever have.

Separating temperatures on a mattress is a game-changer. Improving sleep is an ever-changing landscape, and we believe this is the next frontier.

Check out the new Pod Pro Cover here.

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