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Here Are Sergio Ramos’ Workout Tips To Help You Burn Calories In The Gym

While Sergio Ramos may not score many goals on the field, nobody—not even coronavirus, can get in the way of him kicking them in the gym. If you’re lacking motivation with your workout routine, scroll down the gram of Real Madrid’s legendary captain, and you’ll be full of inspiration in no time. Not only does the centre back star intimidate the best players in the world with an effortless style, but he also encourages his fans to keep a positive attitude in their own fitness journey.

Despite several setbacks, a recent timeline of workout posts show Ramos’ commitment to his recovery and dedication to his team. His November rehabilitation post left us feeling relieved that the clutch player was showing his hamstring injury who was boss and his followers how to make their legs shake. If you’re feeling anything like us and struggling to resist the urge to click ‘snooze’ on your morning workout, Ramos’ Instagram will ensure you’re held accountable. “Work for it,” he captioned his leg burner. As they say, “no pain, no gain”, and if there’s one thing we can guarantee, these sessions don’t shy away from a challenge.

The captain’s lengthy timeline of blows took us through to a February scare, as we all felt the burden of the Real Madrid captains’ knee surgery, but true to Ramos fashion, he fought his way through recovery. Even during strenuously testing times, not a day goes by where we question the central defender’s strong spirit, as he reminded us “every day is a new day, let’s go,” on the caption of a February post. Go we did, headstrong, body strong, all month.

We welcomed March with rock-solid legs, as the fitness icon reminded us never to skip leg day – oh and boy, did we feel it if we had. While the calves are a particularly essential muscle for all soccer players, propelling them forward, don’t think for a second that they’re not just as important for all gym gurus. We get it. You may not be dribbling the ball down the pitch, away from Lionel Messi. However, that’s no excuse to focus strictly on the quads, hamstrings and glutes. One glance at Ramos’ legs, and you’ll never neglect the calves again.

Just when we were ready to say Adios to sitting on the sidelines, another muscle decided to call it quits for a while, and Ramos was ready to take the bench, yet again. So instead, we said goodbye on behalf of the Real Madrid captain to the critical Champions League clash against Liverpool. Injuries galore spiced up a little with, you got it, COVID-19.

Fear not, oh captain, our captain. You never fail to reassure us of your impressive ways. Rain, hail, or coronavirus, not even a global pandemic, can stand in between the man and his intense workouts. The 35-year-old took straight to Instagram, killing it with some merciless deadlifts. Ramos dropped the bar after eight heavy lifts in a row and lightened up a tense time for all, captioning the post, “Corona who?”.

Ramos’ Injuries are not the only concern for hard-core fans, as there have been whispers that his contract is still yet to be signed. Assuming the lack of field time allows for what we like to call ‘personal admin’, we can’t help but question what better opportunity for the captain to put his fans at ease and sign the papers.

His followers shared similar sentiments, as they too have been eagerly awaiting confirmation. “Stop working out and sign the contract,” one fan commented, receiving 115 likes in support of the action.

Rest assured, if there’s ever a secure source for reassurance it’s from the man himself, and if you had similar concerns to us, then you’d have been relieved to find his caption, “we’ll be back. Don’t let anybody doubt that.” Phew.

Fans flooded his Instagram, leaving remarks such as “Beast mode” and “unstoppable”. We could not have said it any better ourselves as we continue to look to the fitness icon as a model of inspiration.

We all play victim at times, to the classic ‘Mondayitis’ and other cliché excuses, exercising anything in our power to avoid the blood, sweat and tears involved in hard-core workouts. However, as we follow Ramos on his fitness journey, we can’t help but wonder, if we devoted all this time wasted on developing creative excuses towards a positive, headstrong attitude, then perhaps we could shadow his consistency.

While it’s only human to feel sorry for ourselves now and then, Ramos certainly offers perspective, battling a positive coronavirus test and an obscene amount of injuries. He still finds a way to shed light on “feeling better every day,” he said. We may lack the strength and genes to mirror his godly physique, although we can only hope to adopt his spirit and positive attitude towards life.  

If you’re seeking a rig similar to that of the Madrid star, never fear—for his workout tips are here.

  • Bench Press – “Ensure you go up in weight to build the chest muscles. The bench press can also work your abs.”
  • Push-ups – “While push-ups are great for working your chest, they are incredibly good for your posture, assuming they’re performed correctly.”
  • Weighted Squats – “These are great for the legs, glutes and abs. While ab-specific workouts are great for getting results, compound exercises, such as squats with a heavy weight, are great for building abs as well.”
  • Weighted Russian Twists – “These help work and build definition in the obliques.”

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