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Our Staff Picks Of The Week

There’s a selection as vast as any post you’ll ever see.

The Original Ballers product selection is winnowed from larger product lists. It’s an opportunity to relish among the more lavish products whilst keeping our feet on the ground so not to break the bank entirely. This week we take a look at the best spectacles, sports jackets and even tequila. A broad yet tapered list of products that will serve you in some good fortune along your life’s journey. Think of this week’s staff selections as a way of enjoying the latest fits and spirits—all while finding out about them in minutes.

Winter has been well and truly upon us. Almost a season reminiscent of that—a Game of Thrones episode. Long, dark and full of terrors. Never fear, for the light is here. While winter is here, it’s also on its way out. To that avail, we take a look at a sports jacket fit for kings.

Prada Nylon Puffer Jacket


Alright. This jacket is a must-have staple for any man looking to dress up and down this winter and spring. Prada has been on the quieter side of retail over the last few years. Especially when it comes to men’s fashion. However, Jake Gyllenhaal and GQ photographer Andrew Whelan make this Prada jacket a must-have.

Where To Buy: Prada online

How Much? AUD $3,300

Moscot Lemtosh Custom Tints

When it comes to specs—no one, and we mean no one—does it like the one and only Jeff Goldblum. A great pair of specs is an important staple for anyone needing to see that extra mile. Moscot is the brand everyone is wearing. David Letterman and Jurassic Park’s main professor of all things chaos—know how to rock the best in the business.

Where To Buy: Moscot Online

How Much? AUD $565

Prospero Tequila

Rita Ora’s latest smash hit is not a tune. It’s tequila, and it’s still music to your ears. As far as celebrity liquor is concerned, this is right up there with the best. In celebration of World tequila day, the Original Ballers were fortunate enough to obtain a signed bottle of Prospero Tequila, which is 100% De Agave. The brand is designed and distilled by one of the most renowned female master distillers and is a smooth drink. Paired with lime, ice and soda, you’ll have yourself an elegant drink that can be mixed and matched to make some of your favourite cocktails. We road-tested it ourselves and rate the tequila’s smoothness on the rocks.

Where To Buy: Dan Murphy

How Much? AUD $80.99

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