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The New Rolls-Royce Ghost: Inside The Most Advanced Rolls Yet

Expressing one’s wealth is often measured by luxury rides—it doesn’t get much better than the new Rolls-Royce Ghost.

There comes a time in life where a car’s purpose isn’t just getting you from a to b. It becomes a statement, a visual indicator to everyone you pass, letting them know you made it. A chance to exhibit visual success. Rolls Royce has always made cars for those who wish to seperate themselves from the rest.

The new Ghost carries the same cutting-edge Rolls-Royce design, however, a closer look will introduce a new feeling of luxury and contemporary design. While it is familiar, the Ghost evokes a new dawn for the luxury automobile company.

“The only components that we carried over from the first Goodwood Ghost were the Spirit Of Ecstasy and umbrellas,” R-R CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös stated.

“Everything else was designed, crafted and engineered from the ground up. The result is the most technologically advanced Rolls Royce yet.”

Rolls Royce waste no time getting to know their clients, it’s an essential component when building a luxury monolith on four wheels. A team of ‘luxury intelligence specialists’ figured a Rolls Royce is for those who prefer to be chauffeured during the week, and handling the wheel over the weekend. The Ghost’s purpose has revolved around the client’s needs and desires, making it the most advanced Rolls Royce ever made. From a practical sense, the Ghost handles like a smaller, lighter, more steady car.

Rolls Royce thank their Planar Suspension System, which adds a damper on the upper wishbone on the front suspension and works in harmony with the existing Flagbearer system that waves goodbye to unpleasant bumps in the road, like a Royal would as they board their private jet.

Those fortunate enough to obtain such a luxury drive will have the option of driving subtly through the streets with  ‘near-silent’ soundstage, or of course, for the bolder type—a bespoke audio system incorporated in the resonance chamber will turn your subtle luxury drive into a pink slips race against Vin Diesel.

How about the engine you ask? The 6.75-litre, twin-turbo V12 makes 563bhp and 627lb ft of torque, all of which is available from just 1,600rpm, for those moments you’d like to flex a little.

Check out Britsh GQ’s video of the Ghost below.

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