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Nick Kyrgios Wins Wimbledon With A Custom-Made 19-Carat-Diamond Tennis Necklace

Shine bright like a Kyrgios. A diamond in the rough. We can go forever, but Nick Kyrgios is channelling serious Drizzy vibes.

There’s no denying Nick Kyrgios’ street style is always on point. We have settled on an opinion. Nick Kyrgios will always be what tennis needs, not what it wants. Take his latest diamond flex, when would you ever see a tennis player strolling into a press conference repping diamonds like Jayson Tatum? Never. Did anyone ask for it? No, but who cares? The man is breathing life into one of the most conservative and vanilla sporting codes in a way that is still not fully understood.

Kyrgios’ custom-made 19-carat diamond tennis necklace is made by the athlete’s go-to jeweller, Unique Diamonds. These are the guys behind the most exclusive pieces and they put the ‘custom’ in ‘custom-made’.


The new Kyrgios diamond flex from Unique Diamonds is a nod to a changing landscape, there’s always a first, and we will never forget our first. Nick Kyrgios. The first to shake the sport of tennis to its core, the first to call it as it is, and the first to engage with audiences as opposed to rocking on the receiving end of a serve like a robot in a trance.

That’s what a diamond flex looks like. Someone who is thinking outside of the box. Bringing NBA flavour to the game of tennis is not only genius, it’s desperately needed. Our Baller Mentality guest Thanasi Kokkinakis is Nick’s partner in crime here. Together, Bonnie and Clyde, Batman & Robin or even Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin, the duo are the answer to one big glaring issue in tennis. It’s no longer a ‘gentlemen’s game’ or a conservative white-man’s world.

Nick’s custom diamond flex is why you watch him. It’s time to call Nick as he is—a diamond in the rough.

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