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Thanasi’s Dream Date With Djokovic Is Set

Wimbledon is set to witness a no-holds-bard battle Thanasi has been dreaming of.

There are two types of people in this world—those who love a challenge and those who shy away from a challenge. Thanasi is a lover of all challenges and is set to embark on the biggest challenge of the year, having booked a date with Serbian tennis legend Novak Djokovic in the second round of Wimbledon. Our Baller Mentality guest spoke about the various ways he deals with pressure in moments that seem unfathomable to us, and he knows there’s only one way to defeat Djokovic, with free-flowing, winner-hitting tennis. There aren’t many players who look forward to playing the three-time-defending Grand Slam champion, yet Thanasi is looking forward to the challenge stating he, ‘Can’t wait,” and that he “Can’t wait for the opportunity.”

Thanasi’s self-belief has been on display ever since he clawed his way back from countless injuries and sicknesses. It had been a long road, one with many setbacks. This is perhaps why Thanasi isn’t afraid of a second-round encounter with Djokovic. For years Thanasi’s worst enemy was himself, in the way—he had no control over outcomes outside of his physical health. A bad run with illness and injury meant Thanasi was still waiting to join the rest of the pack to show everyone his amazing talent, which he has plenty of.

“In tennis, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you, if you believe you’re good enough and you can win, you can build your way up.” Thanasi on Baller Mentality.

Thanasi’s tenacity and drive far outweigh any public perception of talent. While he is one of the most talented Australians on the pro circuit, his will and determination to not give up make him such a dangerous opponent. One that can snatch victory even from the three-time-defending champion.

You can watch Thanasi take on Djokovic at 10:30 pm tonight.

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