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Ibrahim Akbar’s ‘I Am Tour’ Confirms He Is Australia’s Next All-Star Comedian

You’ve seen his videos, you’ve heard his impersonations, and now Ibby has his eyes set on the ultimate prize.

There’s much more to Ibby than Instagram videos and ‘Moey Don’t Worry’. We are certain Ibby’s standup show stacks up with the best in the business. Upon watching Ibby perform live, you’ll notice his craft right away. It centres around telling home truths and reflecting on his upbringing, having an ethnic background. The best comedians create scintillating jokes by constructing parallels to serious and controversial issues, using laughs to make a point or adversely making fun of social constructs in a way no one else can. For Ibby, comedy seems to be a way to express the ups and downs of his life living in Australia, being Muslim and being brought up with ethnic values.

Ibby takes on stereotypical assumptions, generalisations and racism using a brand of comedy that is highly relatable, hilarious and serious at the same time. Something that isn’t easy in 2022. For comedians, the art of delivering humour can be compared to walking on thin ice. One must carefully navigate over a thin sheet of ice, choosing only the thickest parts to cross, hoping the ice doesn’t crack under the weight of society’s cancel culture. While this is beginning to pose issues for comedians all around the world, Ibby chooses to be himself, creating a shield around his humour while embracing the imperfections of his personal life to develop a sense of relatability with his audiences. If you are purchasing a ticket to see Ibby, you are expecting the envelope to be pushed in a way that is reminiscent of Dave Chappelle.

Comparisons can be made between Ibby and Chappelle as both construct their shows on satirical humour from their past. Ibby’s ability to distinguish cultural differences through the art of personal experience and comedy was the defining moment in his show. It proved he has much more to offer his fans and that Instagram was merely the beginning of a comedic journey that is now well underway. It’s important to note the ‘I am Australian Tour’ was the comedian’s first tour and his first stand up appearance.

“Half of the show is about my personal life, growing up facing challenges and adversities, while the other half incorporated what I do online. Half of it is getting to know me as a person, and the other half delivers what people were expecting of me. It’s two large parts of my comedy clashing together.” Ibby

Ibby’s desire to keep his audiences wondering is part of the comedian’s ability to switch in and out of characters throughout his standup. For those who have seen the show, Ibby confirmed all his stories used in the show are based on real experiences making the show all the more impressive. It’s similar to finding out a horror film was based on actual events; it’s shocking and hits harder. Eddie Murphy is responsible for much of Ibby’s comedic aspirations. However, he is set on perfecting his style and his brand. The Ibby brand has Australia wanting more, an authentic glimpse into a relatable comedy that dances on edge, taking deep dives into serious conversations and closing with an uncanny ability to create character profiles without losing his own.

Ibrahim Akbar on Baller Mentality

Ibby’s show proceeds went to the Moyamoya (brain disease) foundation. The charity is very close to Ibby’s heart as his sister had been personally affected by the MoyaMoya disease at six years old.

Ibby will feature on the first episode of Baller Mentality.

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