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The Gucci X Oura Collaboration: One Ring To Rule Them All

Taking fitness to a lux level?

If you are a fitness lover and technology enthusiast, the Gucci x Oura fitness ring may not be such an insane way to spend $1,590 AUS. To most, however, it’s a little steep. Fitness trackers have taken on a whole new meaning in 2022—Advanced analytics can track how you sleep, eat and drink. What may have stopped at the gym or at the end of your workout now extends well beyond the realm of physical activity. Luxury brands have been riding the fitness and sports wave for a while now. Chanel Surfboards, Balenciaga football boots and countless other sporting collaborations find their way into the luxury retail space.

While we aren’t about to surf Bells Beach with a Chanel surfboard, Gucci’s latest collaboration makes sense and may serve a purpose for those who have expendable income or love to shop lux fitness items. The Oura ring was made famous by NBA players who wear the basic rings, as they are NBA approved and tracked the player’s health during the pandemic. The Oura Ring can track many aspects of one’s inner workings. Heart rate, sleep, activity, respiratory rate and temperature are the main metrics the ring focuses on, and is designed to be worn at all times to give a complete picture of your body’s behaviour. The main function of the ring is to let you know if you are falling ill or coming down with something, which is why the ring was such a hit with the NBA during the height of the pandemic. It has since gained momentum all around the world, and maintains its popularity among the fitness and wellness community.

Oura has also teamed up with Gucci on an exclusive app that has compiled a library of guided audio sessions with meditations, sleep sounds, and breath work. The new Gucci x Oura ring is no different to the original Oura ring aside from the design, sporting Gucci’s logo with gold trim right around the wearable. The ring is now available in Australia, and you can purchase it here.

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