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The Original Ballers: Baller Mentality Trailer Has Dropped

Yes. We have dropped a trailer for our pilot series, and here’s what you should know.

The Original Ballers is an athlete and artist empowered brand, what does that mean you may ask? It means athletes and artists, be it, musicians, actors or actresses and comedians own their narrative. It means the content produced by the Original Ballers is piloted by athletes and artists. It’s a safe space where athletes and artists alike can be their own person, speak their own truths and trust whatever they say isn’t going to be edited or changed into something for clickbait.

Baller Mentality is a pilot television series where athletes and artists come together to discuss their experiences in life both on and off the court or on stage. Whether it be topical conversations, experiences of failure or success, Baller Mentality is a series with a focus on empowering creativity, vision and celebrating identity.

There’s no script to follow, no journalist featured. It’s an environment unlike anything Australia has seen before. Season one, episode one features Thanasi Kokkinakis, Ibrahim Akbar, Elliot Loney, Connor Pain, Brandon Armstrong and our very own Beza Mickan-White. The episode will premiere on June the 22nd of 2022. See the trailer below.


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