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Here’s What It Will Cost You To Rent The World’s Largest Yacht Charter For One Week

Check how deep those pockets are because you’ll be entering deep waters.

Yacht charters are an essential flex when it comes to all things luxury. When we think of yacht charter, we think of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi cruising around the European seas, treating themselves to what many can only dream of. The epitome of ‘ baller status ‘ is popping champagne and lowering a jet ski into the Aegean. While many wish to travel the seas with utmost privacy and luxury, very few can charter a yacht due to the enormous price tag.

The Flying Fox is its name, and being the largest yacht in the world is its game. To take this monolith through the Greek islands for a week will set you back 3 million Euros for one week, and you thought Melbourne property prices were a worry…

That means it works out to be roughly ($4,513,035 AUD) for one week. A custom-made, 136 metres long sea god will ensure anyone paying the price knows there’s no better way to travel the open seas. It will accommodate 25 guests and all cabins are fitted out with private sea-view terraces. If, by any chance, guests grow tired of sweeping ocean views the mega-yacht has its own cinema so billionaires can debate which Bruce Wayne is the best. With such a large yacht one may ask how many people work onboard? The answer is 55 crew members.

The primary deck features a 12-metre swimming pool and a 400 square meter double story spa. The yacht’s build is relatively recent, having been built in 2019, and can reach a max speed of 20 knots. If the yacht isn’t enough, there are extra toys as boys will be boys—3 jetskis, 4 Poseidon rebreathers, 4 seabobs, 1 Zapata flyboard, 1 awake RAVIK 3, and 3 e-foils will keep those who get bored quickly from losing their minds. We didn’t think we had to mention it but of course the yacht has its own helipad.

If you have a spare $4,513,035 AUD lying around, we suggest you cruise your way to stardom this summer.

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