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Spider-Man: No Way Home – Official Teaser Trailer Is Here

Get ready for the Multiverse.

Fans of the favourite friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man are all rejoicing today after Sony and Marvel unveiled what is set to be the birth of the MCU’s Multiverse. What is the Multiverse? The Multiverse is better explained by Marvel’s latest television series Loki, which is streaming on Disney+. We have the latest television series starring Tom Hiddleston to thank for the explanation. For those who won’t watch the series we will explain briefly what the Multiverse is, and what it means for our favourite friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

The Multiverse is a stream of multiple timelines all harbouring different realities. For one timeline Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man may be dead, therefore Myles Morales is the one and only Spider-Man. In another reality within the Multiverse Spider-Man may be a villain, only to have Harry Osborne acting as Spider-Man. Basically, the Multiverse acts as an infinite number of different realities reflecting an infinite number of different possibilities all asking the question, What If?

If you’re a Marvel fan you’ll appreciate the skill of the last sentence. What If, is also the latest television series streaming on Disney+ projecting multiple storylines within the Multiverse for audiences all around the world. Disney and Marvel have been very sneaky in injecting Disney+ within the MCU timeline. To understand more about what you will see in the new Spider-Man film you will have to have watched, Loki, What If? And Wanda Vision to fully grasp the significance of Tom Holland’s new hurdles as Spider-Man.

Fans will also appreciate the bone-chilling laugh of William Defoe’s Green Goblin, and the return of Dr. Otto Octavius played by the fan-favourite Alfred Molina. The return of older Spider-Man villains serves up a spidey-storm creating what we can guess will be the Sinister Six. A band of villains who many times, come very close to defeating Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. If the MCU feel Dr. Steven Strange is needed to fight the Sinister Six, you can bet your bottom dollar they are a threat worth featuring on the big screen. The latest inclusion of old villains will serve as a cheeky dig at the past ‘Spider-Men’ Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield, given both of them only ever faced one of these threats at a time. Tom Holland is likely facing all six making this an anti-Avenger blockbuster left for Doctor Strange and Spider-Man to clean up.

Enough from us. See it below.

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