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Euro Champions: Is It Coming Home?

England has a chance at European domination, will they take it?

If you ask anyone from England whether or not the European Championship matters or not, usually the answer is a firm no. The reality is it’s a very, very big deal. It’s the type of hurt that stings so much you dismiss it. Heartbreak hotel is what the Euro Cup has been for England. This time, they are out for knighthood, a National public holiday and eternal glory. You may ask why? The answer is, England has never won a Euro Cup. You can fact check us if you like, the stat is the largest blemish on England’s storied football record. This week marks England’s 10th appearance in a Euro final as they prepare to take on a well-established Italian outfit.

Melbourne’s Lygon Street is still buzzing from the Italians last win against Spain, and is gearing up for a whole lot of love should the Italians dish up a solid performance against England this week. The Italians have a monumental task ahead of them, to beat England at Wembley stadium is to strike a dagger straight through the hearts of everyone in the United Kingdom. Just today at a local barber shop in South Yarra, the song ‘It’s Coming Home’ rang through the speakers, English-born Aussies singing along in anticipation for Sunday’s blockbuster event.

There’s a buzz in Melbourne, Sydney, and just about anywhere in the world. Why? Well for one, football is embedded in the United Kingdom’s DNA. It’s a religion, one that has long suffered at the hands of the European Championship. It might not be a World Cup, but it’s still a frontier unexplored—to be champions of Europe—is to have the ultimate bragging rights outside of the World Cup. For England, it’s the monkey on their back. For the Italians, it’s another chance to shine as Europes best football team.

Who will triumph? Will England finally overcome their Euro Cup jitters or will Italy end a fairytale ending for everyone in the United Kingdom?

Wembley Stadium will be the setting for the UEFA EURO 2020 decider with the final taking place on Sunday 11 July at 21:00 CEST.

Here’s where you will catch the big match:

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