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Relive Your Old Playlists With The iPod Classic

It’s like biting into a nostalgia-flavoured starburst.

Thanks to software developer Tanner Villarete, you can now step into a time capsule and return to a golden time in audio tech. The turning point of a generation. You will now be able to experience your good old days with a web-based player that brings back the scroll wheel and the brick game. There’s no doubt the iPod Classic changed lives forever, music in your pocket was given a whole new meaning. It made the discman obsolete, and gave music all new meaning.

Thanks to this web-based player you can sync your Spotify and Apple Music library to replicate the use of a iPod Classic. Turn the wheel, hit the menu button to return, and skip like you’ve never skipped before. Tim Cook, the bearer of all bad news ended the iPod line in 2014, so aside from buying an old one second hand, you can now experience the classic thanks to this web app.

You can access the iPod Classic here.

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