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A Five-Star Hotel In Santorini Is Hiring Staff

It’s probably your only chance at spending summer in Europe. By any means necessary?

Here at the Original Ballers we are big on travel and opportunity. Since there’s a shortage of both we thought it would be best to share the good news with everyone. A five-star hotel in Santorini, one of the major tourist hot spots in Greece is now hiring staff. Imagine mornings spent walking around Oia, sipping on a frape, and having the view people travel halfway across the world to see at your fingertips come lunch break.

Katikies, Santorini are promoting a range of jobs based on the island’s five-star hotel in Oia. Katikies is also based in Mykonos. Imagine a quick transfer over to another island, and that island being Mykonos? Talk about a multi Euro summer experience. We aren’t saying drop your everything and leave the world behind. No, no, no…we are saying—drop everything and leave the world behind as soon as possible. A pandemic-riddled 2020 and 2021 has ushered in a dark age when it comes to travel and tourism. Places like the ever-booming island of Santorini, Mykonos and many other Greek Islands are struggling more than ever due to the pandemic. Let’s face it, they were in trouble well before this all started.

Oia is famous for one of the best sunset experiences in the world, the white-brushed houses with blue tops attract thousands of tourists from all over the world each year. The hotel Katikies, Santorini is a stunning part of the world, and we suggest anyone with those travel blues check it out. Who knows, maybe there’s a chance you can live that Mamma Mia dream after all?

The website has advertised the positions as ‘seasonal opportunities’ meaning, summer is your destination and Katikies, Santorini is your ticket. Check them out here.

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