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Savva Sourasis: The High-Flying Equity Trader Who Left Chicago To Open A Bar On A Greek Island

It’s the stuff of dreams.

There’s a certain risk involved when a high-flying equity trader from Chicago decides to pack his bags and open a bar on the Greek Island of Kos. Enter Savva Sourasis, owner of the Alibaba beach-front bar in Kos. Clear blue waters, island living and a slice of Mediterranean heaven are what awaits those who visit Alibaba Beach Bar. The beach-front oasis is popular amongst locals and tourists come summertime. Fresh fruit, chill vibes, and a stacked food menu makes this bar a one-stop shop for anyone wishing to live the ultimate island lifestyle. For Sourasis, Alibaba is a vision born from breaking the status quo—leaving the security of a large city such as Chicago and relocating to live a life portrayed in movies.

From an office building to the beach, congested traffic to open dirt roads, from two swims a year to two a day. Sourasis left the American dream for the European sun. Kos Island is famed for its volcanic beaches, its authentic Greek food and its island lifestyle different to that of the more well-known Greek islands. Small businesses make up the island’s economy, and for Sourasis, this was the perfect spot to make good on his dream. To own a piece of the Mediterranean and share his passion for life with everyone else. The beach-front bar is nestled close to the city centre. Travellers can shop the local strips in Kos’ centre, only to catch a ride or walk ten minutes to enjoy the sunbeds and sip on iced coffee.

Alibaba Beach Bar

Sourasis’ knowledge of what travellers want and need is what makes the beach-front bar a success. Having left his city life behind him, the idea was simple—to create an environment sought after by those who lived in big countries and cities. What we all look for when we travel. Relaxation, sun and water. The ingredients were already in place. All he had to do was bring it to life. While it may sound simple, it’s anything but simple. It meant leaving the world behind, the constant phone calls, deals and big-time hustle the Western world is built upon. While Sourasis did leave that world behind him, he brought the hustle and entrepreneurial spirit to the water’s edge.

Alibaba Beach Bar
Alibaba Beach Bar

If fresh margaritas and mouth-watering tacos by the beach doesn’t spell ultimate satisfaction, we don’t know what does. The beach-front bar offers guests a plethora of options when it comes to food and drinks. There are six different plant-based kinds of milk to choose from, a vegan Philly cheesesteak roll and acai bowls served on fresh fruit. Sourasis understood the gap in the Greek market. Where others would claim to serve authentic Greek food, Sourasis did what any entrepreneur does—turned everything on its head. The result, fusion dishes served from all corners of the Western world while the Mediterranean sky speaks a thousand colours at the behest of its guests.

Alibaba Beach Bar

Here’s hoping we can travel to Greece sometime in the future. In the meantime, head over to Alibaba’s Facebook page for more information.

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