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4 Muscle-Building Foods That Aren’t Chicken

It can be more than boring consuming a lifetime of poultry.

Chicken is a touchy subject in 2021. Once upon a time, the chicken was the only food to consume for building muscle mass. While the staple protein favourite is still everyone’s go-to meal for serious gains, other foods are starting to make a name for themselves when gaining muscle mass.

If you’ve ever stuck to a low-carb and high-protein diet you’ll know the pain we are talking about when chicken can only be cooked in so many ways before we start to gag at the thought of eating another bite. Chicken is also a taboo subject as modern times are concerned. More vegans and people, in general, are frightened of the fact we are consuming a hell of a lot of chicken. Back in the day for our Italian followers, your nona wouldn’t think twice about adopting little hatchlings only to grow them for the purpose of skinning them, and cooking them once they were ready for consumption. Now, this would be deemed animal cruelty, it’s taboo and it’s just downright weird. Old habits are fast becoming ancient with a plethora of newbies making their way on the scene to help build your muscle mass.

Most individuals who find chicken boring when building muscle will turn to the next best thing—salmon or steak. We all consume proteins to build muscle and enter a state of “satiety,” which is the term describing how full you feel after you’ve eaten a meal. Due to protein taking longer to digest than empty carbs like sliced bread, many of us stuff our faces with as much protein as possible. Shakes and other supplements are also at our disposal. However, there are natural ways of helping our gains become monster biceps and tree trunk legs, here’s what you can consume to help yourself become a stacked Viking.


If you ever thought green is lean, you’re right. However, these green machines will help your stack more than you believe. Soybeans are your new best friend, they are rich in protein and contain 19 grams per cup. Throw these on a salad and go to town.


One cup of these innocent looking chestnuts contains 15 grams of protein. They can be used in a sauce or added to some hummus and Mexican dishes.


Your favourite dairy product is filled with protein goodness to help muscle recovery and deliver on your dreams to become like Arnie. What’s the catch? There isn’t. One cup of cow’s milk contains just under eight grams of protein.


If it’s good enough for Joe Rogan it should be good enough for you. Bison is becoming more popular than beef in the US. The benefit here is as follows. For 3 ounces of ground bison, you’ll consume 22 grams of protein for only 152 calories. Winner, winner uh… Bison dinner?

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