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Unique Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year gents.

It’s the holiday of the love that appears frankly out of nowhere, every year. And in an abrupt notion, finding availability at your S/O favourite Italiano martini bar after frightfully forgetting will require more luck than winning the lottery – mission impossible. Let’s face it, wining and dining remains a delectable selection come February 14th, with mood lit ambiance, a fine bruit in hand and your better half embracing the undertones of ‘amour’ in season, it’s surely hard to surpass such a winning critique.

Tapping into all senses, and acknowledging the diverse languages of love, we can admit in unison there must be more to Valentine’s Day than a carb induced meal and a vintage developed grape- to which there is! Pack it up lover boy, for we have unique date ideas that’ll expose your lover’s pearly whites and open up a taste of uniqueness to a day of romance.

Ceramics & Sip

Paint & sip is a common nomad, but have you tried clay & sip? More importantly, do you both like getting your hands dirty? If yes, then why not embrace the motions of divine ceramic art in a sensualised space, sipping your favourite grape, and retreating with a monumental keepsake celebrating a day of unison. Wheel and Unwind in Fitzroy is a dedicated workshop hosted by Sarah Schembri, guiding you through the basics of creations with moreish appetizers and a wine table. It’ll be unforgettable.

A ticket to the tennis

A sport everyone can agree on is tennis. And whilst the arena might not be so dimly lit for a date of romance, try spicing the scene with the Australian Open’s plethora of pop-up bars and eateries amongst an ambient setting throughout the social district off the court. It’ll be an action-packed day of fresh crisp linen, visors, sun-kissed cheeks and an Aperol on cue – best suited for a couple in search of sport defined entertainment. Be sure to purchase tickets fast for a Sunday of court-inspired love.

At Home Outdoor Cinema

A way to win anyone’s heart always alludes to romantic classics, fantastic company, and a noticeably dapper setting being, the cinema? Cinemas are so 2020, but why not advance a romantic staple in your own back yard with a hired projector from Melbourne’s Inflatable Films beneath the nights starred sky? It’s a subtle hint this elite set up will well advance the typical norms and create a memory almost as romantically timeless as the Notebook, or if we’re going there, the Titanic.

Hot Air Balloon

Take love to new heights this Valentine’s day with scenic views of Melbourne’s Yarra Valley featuring a gourmet breakfast and breathtaking hues in a Hot Air Balloon. If they’re fond of heights, this date will be sure to elevate your relationship in a romantic morning of serendipity, with a heightened tour of Victoria’s finest wineries and spectacular surrounds of the Yarra Ranges. It’s the perfect gesture to awaken the day amid orange-infused skylines and clear brisk air as you tranquilly immerse in the surrounds of Victoria’s little slice of paradise.

A Virtual Mixology Class

Stir things up with an evening of delectable beverages made through a guided virtual class in the comfort of your own home. If you’re the pair who stick to their poison of choice every outing, then raise a glass to a virtual reality exposing flavour fusions of a new kind. With a mixology specialist on screen, and fresh Archi Rose ingredients, you’ll be creating moreish heaven of the Sydney distilleries finest two cocktails – Ginger Fizz and Sunnyside – all within arms reach of your beloved.

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