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Serena Williams Admits Tom Brady’s Success Transcends The Patriots’ System

Were we Patriot fans or Tom Brady fans all along?

Serena Williams knows a thing or two about greatness. The 23-Grand Slam champion’s record leaves no doubt, she is indeed the greatest female champion of all time and one of the best tennis players we have ever seen. This week, Serena began her Australian Open campaign for 2020 and wasted no time labelling Brady as ‘unbelievable’. The 43-year-old quarterback led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a glorious Super Bowl victory making this Brady’s seventh Super Bowl win and fifth Super Bowl MVP award.

Williams said from the Australian Open. “I just was watching the Super Bowl as much as I could to see. My only word is it’s unbelievable. I kept saying this is unbelievable. This is unreal.” When referencing Tom Brady’s unbelievable accomplishment, Williams expressed the comfort of knowing someone her age was not only at the top of his game but also the game on a whole, “Brady is in my age group and that it’s exciting to see him succeed well past the typical age of retirement in the NFL.”

Tom Brady

To further understand Serena Williams’ praise of Brady we needed to delve a little deeper to understand just how prolific the man has become in the history of the NFL. So here’s what we found.

  • Brady has more conference championship game appearances than 28 other NFL franchises
  • He has more playoff wins (32) than all but five franchises
  • Only the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, and New England Patriots have more.

Here are the most postseason wins for a quarterback in NFL history:

  1. Tom Brady 32
  2. Joe Montana 16
  3. Peyton Manning 14
  4. John Elway 14
  5. Terry Bradshaw 14

Shakira’s hips don’t lie and neither does Tom Brady’s stats. The goat quarterback reached his ninth conference championship game in the last ten years, and 14th overall. Adding to the most in NFL history. Brady has more conference championship wins tallying to nine—than any other quarterback has conference title game starts…

Many have lauded Brady’s success to the system run by the New England Patriots, however, Williams denied the claims stating, “You can’t say it was the system he was at formerly,” Williams said. “It’s definitely Tom Brady. He’s Tom Brady. He’s amazing.Unlike the NBA and many other sporting codes such as the UFC and even football, the NFL seems to unanimously agree Tom Brady is the best to ever play the game since It was founded in 1920.

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