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Sylvester Stallone’s $168 Million Opulent LA Mansion Is Up For Sale

The price you’ll pay for a lavish abode.

Does anyone have a spare $168million laying around? If so, you might consider Hollywood fitness fanatic ‘Sylvester Stallone’s multimillion-dollar listing as a hot property investment to secure the new year.

The last 12 months have played an indicative role as to where our valued time should be disbursed. And if you’re a celebrity with a dispersible cash-flow, making life-style changes beneficiary to this concept comes with ease. Hence Sylvester and Jennifer Stallone’s recent decision turning heads amongst the elite – resulting in a hefty $168 million price tag against his Beverley Park mansion within recent weeks.

Noted, Stallone’s impeccable pecks deliver baller energy but too does the Stallone’s comfortable abode situated LA hillside, recently hitting the floor for an impressive figure contrary to Covid’s default in the property market. From yards of lavish lawn to canyon surrounding views, the 2000sqm mansion summons luxury in private, perfectly fit for a Hollywood star or the ballers of high class.

This ‘mansion of dreams’ houses all necessities required to live comfortably without need of leaving the property, and in modern times, who would be opposed? Consisting of 8 dream-sized bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, barrel-vaulted ceiling, and an extensive driveway formulating the entrance to the property, you’ll be treated to the life of a king.  The estate also houses a putting green, infinity pool, home gym, and a Richard Landry designed guest house all within 1.4 hectares of undisturbed land. And with exquisite views featured from every room, it would be hard to surpass such exuberant luxury.

A feature of the listing combines collector’s items from Sylvester’s prosperous career in Hollywood, adding to the fixed price currently turning heads. And if you’re a fan of ‘Rocky, Rambo or First Blood,’ finding memorabilia on your way to the kitchen every morning might help persuade you in writing that heavy cheque. The interior aesthetic hones every collector’s dream, with colourful accents and timber notes swayed from living rooms to the bedrooms alluding to that ‘at home’ feel. Architecturally, the Californian style bungalow embodies European accents with floor-to-ceiling windows, high ceilings and functional usage of space, immersing breathtaking views from the comfort of the living room with opulent natural lighting throughout all seasons.

Currently listed on the US market, the Beverly Park departure comes after the Stallone’s impressive purchase of a Bermuda-styled mansion in Palm Beach, Florida which was secured for a mere $35.3 million inclusive of waterfront views and 250 feet of private white sand frontage – a seaside escape screaming heaven on earth. And whilst it seems like an irrational decision by the Stallone’s to sell such luxury, it’s safe to say the new owner of this impressive Beverley Park mansion will be a king amongst his castle to which we can all bow in appreciation.

Our next line of entertainment consists of compiling the odds for the newest tenant with a spare $168 million ready to go – challenge accepted.

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