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Ranking The Greatest Halftime Performances At The Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday, a day where man caves all around the globe are filled with cold beers, oversized tees and mates who know nothing about the NFL. While many of us aren’t familiar with the American football sporting code we are all drawn to the spectacle that is the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl has been the benchmark for half time entertainment ever since we can remember. A model the AFL and other sporting codes are still trying to perfect.

Super Bowl LV, the 55th Super Bowl and the 51st modern-era National Football League championship game, will decide the league champion for the 2020 NFL season and this year’s halftime show is set to be a Weeknd filled extravaganza. While the Weeknd braces to belt out all of his musical hits and jams, we thought it best to acknowledge legends of the past, as the Super Bowl has a long list of musical royalty that has graced the stage over time.

Winding back the clock is the only way to see the biggest names in music history perform on the largest stage in America. Artists have dubbed the Super Bowl halftime show as a maker of musical mortality. The highest stage marking the peak of ones career. There’s no wonder why, the NFL pull no punches with the halftime entertainment. Production, set design, lighting and visuals are tour-worthy spectacles squashed and condensed in a short amount of time for the largest game in America.

  1. Michael Jackson (1993)

Yes, the king of pop rocked the NFL in 1993. We doubt there’s a better halftime performance since.

2. Prince (2007)

Only Prince could manufacture a torrential downpour to ‘Purple Rain’ and make it look like it was all part of the plan. It was the Prince show, the Super Bowl was the supporting act. Oh, and opening with ‘We will rock you’. There’s not much more to say aside from, Rock on.

3. Beyonce (2013)

Killer instinct, the Queen smashed the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show. Never again will you see a mass group of people lose their mind the way they did when Beyonce took to the stage.

Set list: Run the World (Girls) (Intro)/Love on Top/Crazy In Love/End of Time/Baby Boy/Bootylicious (Destiny’s Child)/Independent Women Part I (Destiny’s Child)/Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (com Kelly Rowland e Michelle Williams)/Halo

4. Justin Timberlake – (2019)

The prince of pop made sure he held the torch for his former master Michael Jackson. JT smashed the 2019 Super Bowl halftime show belting out all his hits in an absurd fashion.

5. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira (2020)

Hips don’t lie, and neither do we when we say this was an electric performance curated by J.LO and Shakira. Plenty of hot sauce and salsa was the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show.

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