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Pret-a-porter luxury meets adventure. A retro capsule for the self-proclaimed thrill-seekers.

Both Gucci and The North Face define fashion with purpose – a functionality of design accustomed to an identifiable consumer. When fusing both identities – one of retro couture contrasting the seeker who subsides endearing elements of nature – you unveil a collection captivating a historic emblem. From Gucci embroidered jackets, to logo imprinted hiking rope laces, the collection of The North Face x Gucci will inspire a generation of adventure seekers to do so in luxurious sophistication.

Guccio Gucci founded the Italian fashion house 100 years prior, yet collaborations with a label come as a first. A direct nod to the “radical” redirection Gucci’s current Creative Director – Alessandro Michelle – commits to, adhering post-pandemic concepts for a more “essential” appetite. With an innate interest in the outdoors, the creative endows a revolution in fashion to expose the raw beauty of our natural surrounds. Results of this eliminate five seasonal men’s, women’s and cruise shows with only two annual collection launches to tie in his efforts of sustainable and purposeful clothing. His work balances original concepts from previous positions at Fendi and Tom Ford, while adding his own streak of eccentricity to Gucci’s retro charm, compelling an iconic alignment toward sustainability. Likewise, North Face Creative Director – Tim Hamilton- merges urban with innovation, seeing Gucci as the most superior amongst the creative’s collaboration portfolio.   

Modern age seeks sustainable practices with new importance for production lines, posing as an exemplary objective throughout the industry of what’s expected. As both brands realigned toward environmentally friendly practices, the collaboration speaks true to the visionaries of Gucci and The North Face sustainability goals. Alessandro spoke openly about his progressive thoughts on sustainable clothing; “We are a big brand, so we have a responsibility to take care of our industry,” referring the direction as “fashion that has a longer life.” The collection promises design from recyclable Econyl – a regenerated nylon fabric- acting as a biodegradable agent aiding in future production lines. 

Retro accents have become an undeniable staple amongst the 21st century, from oversized cameos to wide-legged cords, an expiry date doesn’t seem to halt our taste. Alas, the 70’s inspired designs present layered modern eclectic with durability, a first of its kind. We’re exposed to diverse colourways of greens, turquoise, fluorescent pinks and dirty oranges with Gucci imprinted quilted jackets, blouses, cords and sweaters in floral accents. The pivotal collection speaks quality and practicality in emergence with The North Face’s functional puffer jacket, although with a hint of Gucci, it’s not only the hiking ranges that’ll be exposed to the latest collection but too, the suburban streets.

In line of apparel appears accessories of a different nature. Tents, sleeping bags, hiking laces and ropes panelled in logo heaven with 70’s floral patterns are a small indication of the collection to unveil. And how will you carry this equipment up a mountain? In a staple Gucci hiking bag of course, or if you’re boogie maybe even a duffle bag. For thrill-seekers, style from head to toe and in-between becomes even more adventurous by ditching plane chromes for loud moments, a rhythm we’re jumping into throughout 2021.

And let’s take a moment to recognise the logo. Subtle, inclusive and clean – a masterpiece of design incorporating tones from both brands in an elusive paring, harmonising as a statement without over-bearing the collections chroma. The North Faces quarter- circle meets Gucci’s iconic green-red-green branding in a clever yet subtle design. Featuring brown accents, gold hues and the classic Italian green and red, the polished creation emits fusions of retro class. Immersed not only as a logo, but rather a staple print featured on off white t-shirts to multifunctional streetwear/ hiking boots – it’s a tonality collaboration paired easily amongst your wardrobe, for all occasions.

Appearing as an artform throughout London ahead of the launch of the collection at Selfridges January 4th, it’ll be an Instagram montage for those of us a mere 16,000km away. At home, we can expect an instore launch experience from January 8th in Melbourne and Sydney, with online purchases made available from January 22nd of both men’s and women’s items.

Be prepared to endeavour the elements in sheer chic designs, and strap in for teleportation to the year of bell-bottoms and velour – this is not a drop you want to miss.

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