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Here Are Our Staff’s Tech Must-Haves For Christmas 2020

Ditch the last minute list, we have your stockings covered.

Christmas, a moment in time dedicated to spending time with family, eating way too much food and receiving mediocre presents you will spend one-day re-gift for an out-of-town relative you see once a year. Acting come Christmas time sorts out the academy award winners from the poor souls who will never make it in showbiz unless you can receive a present you neither like nor plan to use with a gracious smile coupled with unrivalled enthusiasm—you’re in for a couple of awkward moments. Sure, it’s the thought that counts but this isn’t a normal Christmas. After a tough year, retail therapy is proving to be a successful way to deal with the year that has been 2020.

Gaming, smartphones and tech accessories have been flying off shelves since everyone was sentenced to life behind four walls. There’s no two ways about it. Tech has been a guide in dark times during 2020. Streaming services, gaming consoles and just about any tech release has proven without them—our lives are an empty, dark and boring existence. While this may seem dark, all hope is not lost. Our staff will hold a light when all others have faded, ad we debated the latest in tech to finally arrive at a list worthy of crowning you the undisputed gadget king or queen, while avoiding receiving a last-minute perfume or aftershave you’ll never use thus, saving you from having to perform your best Oscar performance.

2020 has delivered some stand-out gadgets just in time for children on the nice list, and for those adults with a soft spot for all things tech, we have you covered. Here’s our top ten Christmas tech finds for 2020!

10. GoPro Hero 9 Black

Is a tech Christmas guide complete without a GoPro? The answer is no. GoPro is notorious for releasing the latest cameras come Christmas. Holidays begin, travellers pack their bags and content is on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Even if you aren’t a photography enthusiast, a GoPro holds significant bragging rights come Christmas.

9. Mophie Powerstation Plus XL

This is a simple and productive buy for a special someone this Christmas. 2020 has been a year where smartphones have been used more than ever. The reality is our battery packs in either Android or Apple suck when it comes to battery life. While there has been an improvement, the Mophie Powerstation Plus XL leaves nothing to chance.

8. RODECaster Pro AU$785

Here at the Original Ballers, we know a thing or two about podcasting. These days everyone wants to create a podcast, this isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it’s great! There’s now an abundance of audio shows at your disposal for those times you need a kick in the right direction or you need some chill time with yourself. The RODECaster Pro is awesome for those wanting to start podcasting, with multiple mic channels and sound banks, this is cutting tech in the podcasting game and is on the cheaper side of audio recording tech.

7. Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit (Mario Set) $144

This is our favourite gaming console at the Original Ballers. Why do you ask? It is best played with many people, an interactive experience oozing nostalgia and full of light-hearted fun. Think classics, Mario Kart, Zelda and Super Smash Brothers. It really is Nintendo’s rebirth after a copious amount of terrible consoles after the Nintendo 64. Gift this for ultimate favouritism.

6. Sunbeam Mini Barista Expresso Machine (Silver) $299

Who doesn’t want a coffee machine? Tea lovers move over, this bad boy is ripe for a new home, and if you want to play it both safe and super fresh, the Sunbeam Mini Barista is your best friend on a budget.

5. iPhone 12 Pro

We attempt to keep away from super expensive gifts when curating this Christmas list, however, it wouldn’t be complete without Apple’s latest love child the iPhone 12 Pro. Why not the iPhone 12 Pro Max? Well, it comes down to price. The new iPhone is a photographer’s dream, with an updated camera and improved shooting capability, this is a given Christmas special.

4. Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST Wireless Portable Speaker with Alexa (Graphite) $379

Everyone needs a portable speaker over the Aussie summer. BBQs and beers in the sunshine are nothing without a little Flume playing in the background. This speaker system will put the pepper in your step when having the crew over.

3. Apple Watch SE $429

When it comes to tracking devices and smartwatch capability, the new Apple Watch SE makes for a formidable companion. Arriving in an array of customisable options, the Apple Watch SE is the perfect stocking filler for someone you care about.

2. GoCube Smart Rubik’s Cube $129

Did you ever give a Rubik’s cube a crack? If you did, you’d know it’s been around for centuries. There was always that one person who was able to show you up in front of your friends by matching all the sides with the right colour while you practised various Mr Miyagi techniques of patience to no avail of actually solving the cube. We stumbled across an absolute gem of a Christmas gift. The world’s first interactive cube is revolutionising the old-school puzzle that stumped us for generations. If you believe solving a cube was competitive back in the day, think again. There’s now an Esports competition completely dedicated to the GoCube Rubik’s Cube. There’s no wonder why, the new interactive cube syncs with your smartphone, making the activity a total interactive experience with plenty of different puzzles adding value to your screen time. Once you solve the cube in your own time, the GoCube’s digital ecosystem will give you the chance to play against people online, channelling your inner competitive nature as you battle your way up the leaderboard.

  1. MOFT X Phone Stand – Compact Version $39.95

Number one spot belongs to this saviour. The MOFT X Phone Stand is the perfect gift for anyone on a tight budget. Our team picked one of these up at JB-Hi-Fi and have never looked back. If you have ever used your smartphone to watch Netflix, make Zoom calls, Facetime calls or anything involving not holding your phone, this product is your go-to problem solver. 2020 proved smartphones are the most popular piece of tech for all things streaming, the MOFT X Phone Stand is literally your best friend when watching Disney+, Netflix or Stan. Here’s the kicker, the MOFT X Phone Stand has wireless charging capability meaning—you can place this bad boy on a wireless charger and watch your favourite Netflix series without losing power. Should you be the card-carrying type, the stand will accommodate your various payment methods with ease. Should you purchase the MOFT X Phone Stand, they have also arrived for tablet use, upping your viewing game in a major way. All in all, this is the perfect stocking filler for someone who spends way too much time on their smartphone, and even better for those who work off their respective tablets.

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