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Here’s The Rock’s Advice For Returning To The Gym And Life

Who better than the man.

It’s been a long time. That’s what you’ll say when you finally swipe your key card and enter the iron paradise once again. Corona virus demolished gym-goers and fitness instructors, the spread simply didn’t allow for anyone to train in a shared area.

People have taken to other means in an attempt to limit the damage caused to their fitness over the last few months. Parks, beach runs and hiking isn’t just everyone’s Bumble bio, people are actually venturing out. Fresh air returned to the top of everyone’s workout list.

Fitness companies sold out of dumbells, squat racks and every other gym product you can think of. Leaving others to lick their wounds, waiting for the gym to open up again.

The time has come. And Dwayne Johnson has some wise words for gym enthusiasts, in an attempt to let everyone know, they should focus on their immune system and general health.

As we continue this high output of fighting energy, as we continue fighting inequality, as we continue fighting Covid-19,” he says in an Instagram video, “just a reminder that you guys are taking the right supplements, the right vitamins, your immunity boosters, your branch-chain amino acids, whether you’re hitting the gym or you’re just going back to work.”

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