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Mon Verre: The Gift She Wants For Christmas

Witness personalised crystal glassware on a whole-new-level.

Gifting is always a fickle subject, what do you buy a newlywed couple? What will you bring home for Valentine’s day? And what gift could she possibly buy you that you’ll use? In normal circumstances gifting can be a hit and miss. Come Christmas time, the festive season leaves no room for error. You’ll want to dazzle with just the amount of ‘extra’ and the perfect amount of ‘thoughtfulness’. You want the, ‘aw babe! This is amazing, reaction.

Enter Mon Verre, the company making personalised gifting vogue once again. It’s important to note, personalised gifting done wrong can be tacky and downright cheap. Short of making a trip to Louis Vuitton, and personalising a wallet with initials, there’s not much out there screaming sophistication and thoughtfulness.

Mon Verre provides personalised crystal glassware and does so by hand. Craftsmanship and attention to detail make for a gift both memorable and luxe. For the men, nothing is more baller than a crystal whiskey glass with your name on it, well your initials. And for the ladies, personalised champagne glasses make the perfect addition to a bottomless brunch.

Here are a few instances you can look like a knight in shining armour.

Anniversary Mon Verre Sienna Wine Glass $64.99

Mon Verre Crystal Wine Glass

It’s a date marking the beginning of something special, which is why it’s essential not to f*** the present up. Flowers? Boring. Chocolates and flowers? Still boring. Personalise your gift to your partner with a twin pair of crystal wine glasses. Your partner will either cry of happiness or open a bottle of wine, and both are excellent outcomes.

Father’s Day – Manhattan Whiskey Tumbler Single $64.99

Mon Verre Manhattan Whiskey Tumbler Glass

You either know your whiskey, or you pretend to know your whiskey. This glass will at least allow your dad, informed or not, to look like he is the Bond of all Whiskey connoisseurs. Chances are your old man loves whiskey, Japanese or not. A personalised whiskey glass is perfect for dad. It will give him the extra flex when he has his mates over for a poker night.

Wedding Present – Sienna Champagne Flute Set – $109.99

Mon Verre Sienna Champagne flute set

Searching for wedding presents is like finding the exit at Ikea. Time-consuming and limitless. A personalised set of champagne glasses, however, is as thoughtful and well-thought-out as you can be. We don’t think there is anything better than a personalised wedding gift, especially a personalised glass matched with your bride to be or the man of your dreams. Matching is cute, and crystal glasses are even better.

So there you have it—a wide range of options for different occasions. Mon Verre is incredible. Our team love the quality of the glass. It’s nice and heavy, and baller in every sense of the word.

Head to their website for more details.

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