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Is This The Collaboration of 2020? Porsche & Embraer Team Up for ‘Duet’ Matching Turbo S And Private Jet

Porsche and Embraer: High performance on land and in the air.

What happens when two of the world’s most lavish brands come together? To put it simply, it is the epitome of luxury.

Transportation has always been an indicator of wealth. The more money you are earning, the more you are able to indulge in the finer things life has to offer. Whether that be flying first class, renting a yacht, or purchasing a car that may be more expensive than the average person’s house, it is a different way of living.

Although this type of lifestyle can be a distant reality for many, it doesn’t stop us from obsessing over the latest symbol of high-roller status.

It is only fitting that the Original Ballers speak about what might possibly be the most baller collaboration we have ever seen. German automobile manufacturer Porsche and Brazilian aerospace conglomerate Embraer have joined forces to create a combination that will satisfy both your grandeur aviation and automobile standards – this is the ‘Duet’. Having a matching car to your jet is pretty much every baller’s dream, right?

The ‘Duet’ offer comprises of a limited edition matching Porsche 911 Turbo S supercar and Embraer Phenom 300E private jet – the best there is from each of these manufacturers. Buyers will also be given a custom Porsche 1919 Globetimer UTC watch and luggage set – the perfect accessories for each of these methods of transport. It is clear that this deal is available to the biggest spenders since there will only be 10 available for purchase at a price of USD $10,992,000.

Porsche announced this news on their YouTube page showcasing ‘Duet’ in a high definition video. The luxury carmaker also revealed that the 911 Turbo S is “is entirely hand-painted, which is reflective of the Phenom 300E paint process. The interior of both the aircraft and car is finished in the same colour scheme and the sew style on the Phenom 300E seats was patterned after that of the 911 Turbo S”. The ‘Duet’ has also welcomed a custom logo that can be seen on these products. They couldn’t be twinning even more if they tried.

CEO and President of Embraer Executive Jets, Michael Amalfitano commented on the alliance saying “in the spirit of delivering the ultimate customer experience, we are fusing two of the most notable brands in the aerospace and automotive industries, bringing together the most pinnacle in production sports cars with the market benchmark in light jets, once again proving that we don’t simply follow trends – we create them”.

This is the first time we’ve seen the two partner up, but perhaps it could be the beginning of a powerful collection for years to come because really who doesn’t love the idea of having a matching sports car and private jet?

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