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Montana Farrah-Seaton On Returning to Fitness As Lockdown Ends

Beat your clone is a concept created by the US Marine Corp, whereby every morning you wake up and look at your clone of yesterday. It is then up to you, to prove you are better than your clone, better than the person you were yesterday. It’s a way of life harnessing the power of motivation, determination and consistency. Montana Farrah-Seaton is a perfect example of someone who lives by this ethos. Montana’s resume is evidence of this.

Put simply. Montana is a model and an athlete. However, that doesn’t adequately describe the Albury native’s accomplishments.

The 23-year-old has secured a campaign with Nike, had a successful run as a professional basketballer in Australia, took her boxing skills to the ring for Tribute Fight Night, modelled internationally, was awarded the Runner Up of the Miss Globe 2018 competition, is a semi-amateur runner training for half marathons and still has time to be a personal trainer at Revl Training in Prahran.

Montana’s disciplined and go-getter attitude can attribute to this success. Coming from a background where her mother’s family had skilled basketballers and her father was a professional Auscar race car driver—it is no surprise—hard work and striving to achieve greatness are in her genes.

@Montana Farrah-Seaton

The Melbourne-based influencer has a sizeable following on Instagram with over 78,000 followers keeping up with her daily. She shares everything from shooting in a bridal dress or swimwear to playing basketball or even just being at the gym. Along with networking through her modelling, the key to this online presence is merely by being “organically me” and relatable, she says.

And relatable she is. As with many of us, the fitness star has been in Melbourne’s lockdown and misses the “everyday things” too. But in true Montana fashion, there is no rest when she can be doing more. Isolation has allowed her to pursue an online course and get a diploma in Criminal Psychology, as well as becoming a MasterChef and nailing the pork belly. 

It doesn’t stop there. Ms Farrah-Seaton has consistently upheld her fit and healthy lifestyle during this time as she, put it this way—she’s a force to be reckoned with. Speaking with Montana, she gives us her current workout routine, advice for trying to get back into exercising and eating right post-isolation, and some wise words about being kind to yourself during that process.

@Montana Farrah-Seaton

Original Ballers: How have you been during this time?

I feel like everyone kind of struggled this time around, especially me, more mental health-wise because we were the only ones in it and you know it was the coldest sort of months.

Mental health, for me, has been quite big throughout this. But, making sure I stay positive and checking on friends, and mates, and family members. Yeah, that’s helped massively.

Original Ballers: And since you are such a fitness inspiration, how has your workout and your routine faired during Melbourne’s lockdown?

I’ve been lucky that I have been able to keep a training schedule. I’ve got a lot of equipment, but I haven’t been as hard on myself, I guess. Most people would say that I overtrain, but I’ve come from a background of professional sport where this was my everyday life. But, just being cautious that I don’t need to exert myself at 100 per cent every session. Maybe I’ll swap out a session for a bit of yoga, or Pilates, or just a walk, which I don’t have a lot of time for usually. 

Original Ballers: Do you find that it’s been beneficial by being a bit more relaxed, less harsh on yourself and letting yourself go on a walk which you said you wouldn’t usually have the time to do?

Yeah. I’ve been injured since we went into lockdown back in March. We were getting ready for a half marathon for Great Ocean Road with Nike and Tempo Journal, and I did my hip tendon. It forced me to slow down, but it really made me think about how much I am putting into my recovery and my stretching. It’s a blessing in disguise, I guess.

Original Ballers: What motivates you to keep challenging yourself and reaching new goals?

I think just getting yourself into the mindset of once you’re in it, you’re going to be okay. But the motivation for me definitely comes from those who can’t do it. You know there’s so many athletes and even just individuals that have had accidents, and now they can’t walk, they can’t run again. So doing it for those that sort of can’t because if I can, why shouldn’t I?

Original Ballers: What type of music can we find on your workout playlists?

I’m one of those people that if I’m doing a steady-state cardio sort of thing, I’ll be listening to podcasts. It’s just great to be able to listen to it while you’re multitasking, but it’s also mindfulness meditation. Other than that, Burna Boy, a little bit of Skepta, just old school R&B and hip hop. The right mix of everything.

Original Ballers:  For people wanting to start incorporating fitness and working out into their lives (or get back into it post-COVID), what do suggest they start off doing – kind of like an entry-level workout?

With anything, just start small. With anything, it’s okay not to be where you were three months ago, or a month ago, or even a week ago. Allow your body and your mind to ease back into it, and be okay with the progress you are making to get back to where you were because it is always progression over perfection. Just take it slowly and know that as long as you’re moving every day and doing something to better yourself than you were yesterday, then you’ll be there in no time.

Original Ballers: That’s excellent advice. What nutritional advice do you have?

Just making sure you are drinking plenty of water, eating good food, but also not limiting food groups or favourite foods. It’s everything in moderation. Just enjoy what you are eating because our body stresses over how we react to what we are eating, rather than what we are eating, and that’s what does the damage. If you do screw up, it’s okay. Go to bed and enjoy the burger you’ve just eaten and maybe get up for a morning walk or morning movement.

Original Ballers: We know you mentioned you retired from basketball, but you pretty much mastered that. Now you’re into boxing, so you’re pretty much just a fitness superstar all around. How do you blend all these passions, especially with the modelling you do?

The balance can be hard at times, but there are times when there is no balance. Things will outweigh another. My social life took a bit of a big hit when I focused only on my basketball, but that’s because I had goals to make the Australian team. If I didn’t have that unbalanced lifestyle for a year and a half, two years, I wouldn’t have made the teams that I did and hit my goals and dreams.

Original Ballers: As a more fit person and that body type, do you find that it’s more welcoming to people who are more fit now in the modelling industry and supporting that type of figure?

I guess. Lately, sport and fitness have become a massive thing in the modelling industry, and we see that more and more. We are not just thinking of the one body type. We are more inclusive, which is excellent for me.

@Montana Farrah-Seaton

Original Ballers: You know it’s promoting a healthy lifestyle which I think is so essential these days.

100%, you’ve got young girls, and they’re very impressionable. You have a role model, and you want to be exactly like them. If you read something they do, see something they do, you’re going to do it. That’s just how we are as humans. It’s great to see a lot of models now really showcasing, you know, that maybe they are a size six, but they do eat, they exercise, they do train, but they do have fun. I think it’s very important the message everyone is putting out there.

Original Ballers: We’re going to talk a bit more about your boxing that you’ve done. So your first fight at Tribute fight night, do you remember the feeling of preparing for your first boxing match and all the emotions you had after it?

For me, it was a lot of you’re getting into a fight, and you’re going to be punching someone, and they’re going to be punching you. It’s very intimidating, but I thrived on that competitive spirit. It was good to get in there and get out and celebrate and enjoy afterwards as friends. It’s been my only fight because I think my mother would lock me in my childhood bedroom before she’d let me do another fight.

Original Ballers: Do you still do boxing training now?

Montana: I’m still a boxing coach as well with a few of my clients. I always take them through pads and stuff. Over isolation, I’ve missed it. I’ve done some isolation live videos and things like that a few weeks ago, but I do miss the feeling of having a stressful day and hitting the bag.

Original Ballers: Is it one of those feelings where you want to go and release all your stress and tension.

It is. It is. It’s much cheaper than therapy too.

Original Ballers: Exactly, and do you have a favourite boxing combination?

I’d say my simple favourite combination is double jab right hand. I just like the power I’m able to generate by coming in with my double jab and setting up my right hand nicely. But, I do love the right hook as well. I have a few combinations that I do love, but they’re a little more complicated.

Original Ballers: What’s it like working with Nike?

It’s a pinch-me moment. I guess I’m only affiliated in terms of socials. I feel part of their family. They’re such an encouraging and inspiring group.

Original Ballers: With summer and now spring happening, do you have an ultimate sports look from the Nike collection?

I do. I’m very much all black, very Melbourne. I do have a pair of Nike neon pink shorts that I will be getting out in the next few weeks. Want to get a bit more colour. Those and my Nike Infinity Reacts with white, neon pink and yellow.

Original Ballers: When we do get out of this lockdown and life goes back to somewhat normal, what is the first thing you are looking forward to doing?

I won’t lie. I want a pedicure, and I need my hair done—just typical girl things. Just doing something I took for granted, mainly through this lockdown with stuff we haven’t been able to do. I think human connection is something we have massively not been able to do outside our small group of people. Can’t wait to get a big group of friends together and sit at a park having a picnic.

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