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67-Foot Yacht Named The Ice Kite Is A Contemporary Monolith

The Ice Kite is the perfect solution for self isolation, sitting in the middle of the emerald ocean, away from people with enough room to play an NFL game and then some. Not all of us have the luxury of purchasing a 67-foot yacht.

A new monolith of yachts, designed by Red Yacht Design for an undisclosed customer, the Ice Kite is a contemporary, lavish masterpiece cutting through the ocean waves.

One of the main features of the superyacht is the prominent use of glass around the exterior, which Red Yacht Design hoped would “integrate enclosed spaces with more light and exteriors while ensuring a striking outlook.”

Of course, there’s a helipad. It’s a superyacht. What’s more interesting when understanding the Ice Kite’s design, is the intricate way the vessel has maximised space for activities while sticking to a lux colour palette. The ‘beach’ area at the aft of the ship features a swimming pool, a bar area and outdoor dining for 12. All up the Ice Kite boasts over 475 sqm of open space. Someone call Tom Brady.

Red Yacht Design’s website states, “The owner wanted a Red Yacht Design to create a yacht that feels like she already belongs to the sea, inspired by sea animals.”

Sure, if a Blue Whale had a transformer contemporary design, why not? Inside the Ice Kite, 10 can sleep comfortably across four cabins. His and her bathrooms, an office, and a chill lounge area, the interior is just as divine as the exterior.

You will find the superyacht here on Red Yacht Design’s website.

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