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The Mountain’s Insane Daily Diet

The Icelandic powerlifter consumes 10,000 calories a day.

Never has a man belonged to a name more fitting, while you may know him as ‘The Mountain’ from HBO’s Game of Thrones, his actual name is Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. A real life Thor crossed with the mightiest of Vikings. There’s no wonder HBO had no issue casting Cersei Lannister’s oversized body guard. Just take a look at him. Even the Hulk would admire the Icelandic marvel’s strength.

Björnsson recently broke the deadlift world record with an insane 501kg lift. For anyone unfortunate enough to experience the pain of deadlifts, will understand what an achievement that is. Björnsson doesn’t skip leg day, that’s for sure. We thought it be essential to document what the Icelandic destroyer eats on a daily basis. Let us begin by saying, it’s a food regiment fit for a bear before hibernation.

The Six-foot-seven giant consumes 10,000 calories a day. Most of Björnsson’s meals consist of bison meat and more bison meat. Six meals a day, a nap and loads of good carbohydrates distinguish Björnsson’s meal intake as a more orthodox way of building and maintaining body mass. So what does the big man do in a day? How does he eat? What does he eat? Here is a typical day for the destroyer of worlds.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

Meal number one 7am

6 eggs dozen bacon and three french pieces of toast

After the first meal:

Vitamins containing Omega and vitamin D.

In between meal one and two:

Björnsson embarks on a 10min walk to aid digestion.

Meal number two 9:30am (second breakfast):

Björnsson eats a tub filled with rice, spinach and bison

In between meal two and three:

Björnsson takes a 30min nap

Meal number three (afternoon)

Rice spinach and bison (again)

Meal number four:

Carrots, rice, steak, spinach, eggs and chicken broth

In between meal four and five Björnsson takes another walk

meal number five (before dinner):

Rice spinach and bison

Sixth meal (dinner)

Steak, potatoes, chicken wings, a little bit of french fries

Think you have what it takes to follow this man’s diet?

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