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The Next-Gen Xbox Series Is Exposing A Gap In The Gaming Market

Who said good things only come in big packages?

This November Microsoft is launching two new versions of the Xbox. In a time where gaming is consuming more hours of the day than ever, Sony and Microsoft will face off to capture as many hardcore gamers as they possibly can.

Xbox fans will appreciate Microsoft’s ability to construct superior consoles with the option of dismissing a bulky-oversized piece of hardware. The next-gen Xbox: The Xbox Series S, and the Xbox Series X provides gamers with options to suit their gaming frequency and preferred storage capacity.

The Xbox Series S will come in at $499 while the Xbox Series X will cost $749 in Australia. Unlike Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft will explore different pricing models, while gamers will have the ability to play the same games no matter your choice. The Xbox Series X is more powerful than its little sibling, however, the key to the next-gen Xbox resides with Microsoft’s offering of a financing plan that starts at $US25, roughly $50 Australian per month, and comes with access to the company’s “Netflix of gaming” service, Xbox Game Pass.

Graphics will receive a much-needed boost amongst the new products available to consumers, most gamers are watering at the mouth in anticipation for the next instalment of Microsoft’s Halo series, Halo Infinite.

Many PlayStation gamers will relate when we say this, it’s the one game that will make you purchase an Xbox, even if you never touch it again. Absurd? Well yes, however, the next-gen Xbox series provides users with an opportunity to have more gaming options at different price points.

We know the PS5 will sit around the $800 mark. It seems Sony has created a gap in the market, not delivering a cheaper option for gamers. The next-gen Xbox series X will produce the same games with higher quality graphics. It also comes with a larger amount of internal storage, at 1 TB to the 512 GB found in the Xbox Series S.

Check out the complete specs below.

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