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Nanoveu: Revolutionising The Way You Engage With Your Smartphone

An essential screen protector, because our phones are filthy.

This year has proved to remind us ‘basic humans’ of the importance of hygiene. A year where a pandemic has ripped through the world’s population, economy and just about the last of our patience, hygiene awareness ‘thank God’ is now mandatory in every way possible. Before Covid-19 how may times did you wash your hands? Sanitise your kitchen bench? Or cover your mouth when you sneeze?

Yes, the last sentence may seem like a given, however there are those out there, in the world who believe it to be optional. What’s more optional for every single one of us is the level of hygiene directed towards our smartphones. Your smart phone is seven times dirtier than your toilet seat. That’s right folks, our everyday must-have item is downright filthy.

Fecal matter can be found on 1 out of every 6 smartphones, according to a 2011 study done by researchers at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Let’s think about this the next time we take a snap of our brunch.

For most of us it follows you into the bathroom, even dropped into the bowl (some of us are guilty of this). It’s the surface you touch when you may not wash your hands after using the toilet, after eating greasy food, or touching a contaminated surface you never knew was ready to set you bedside for a week or two.

Enter Nanoveu, a company revolutionising the way you engage with your smartphone. Nanoveu film incorporates an antiviral and antimicrobial film that destroys viruses and bacteria in minutes. It’s also a very sleek and sharp looking screen protector, keeping to the stylish outfit of an iPhone or an Android smartphone.

By no means are we scientists, however the clip below demonstrates the revolutionary screen protector’s ability to ensure your most used item is clean and free of disgusting bacteria, which presses on your face, and is handled by your hands.

How does it work?

For the sake of science, we’ll give this a shot. The Nanoshield works by using electrically charged copper ions attached to viruses and bacteria, in the end—preventing the way they work.

The nano-copper creates a reaction with molecules that are produced by bacteria H202 and 02 to form a chemical substance called Reactive Oxygen Species. This damages both proteins and nucleic acids in viruses and bacteria.

Direct Contact

All viruses contain a protective protein layer that holds infectious components inside it. For a virus to spread the protective layer needs to remain intact. Enter Copper particles, that burst the protective wall, to keep you away from the nasty virus.

Nanoveu’s screen protectors have been trialed and tested, and have become certified by the Australian Government and the Department of Health. It’s essential to know, Nanoveu’s technology can be applied to public surfaces. Door knobs, elevator buttons and point of sale screens.

During a major virus outbreak this is perhaps one of the more exciting pieces of tech we have come across at the Original Ballers.

Check them out here

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