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Juventus Make A Spectacular Late Run At Messi To Create Dream Team

Juventus has made a late bid to lure Messi in the hopes of creating a dream pairing with Cristiano Ronaldo. Between the two they share eleven Ballon d’Or awards—if placed in the same team—would make opposition teams quake in their boots. It’s reported Messi’s father, Jorge Messi, has politely listened to numerous club bids as Manchester City seem the likely candidates to secure the Argentinian superstar. It’s reported Juventus has made a late run at securing Messi to pair two of the greatest players of all time playing besides each other. There’s no doubt Juventus would reap great economic benefits as well as club glory, however, the question remains—can the Series A champions afford to cash in an enormous amount to sign the Argentinian legend to play alongside their Portuguese ace?

Manchester City seem to be the road block to Juventus’ hopes of securing Messi. Should Messi accept the reported Manchester City contract it would equate to £623 million. A contract unlike anything we have ever seen.

While Manchester City edge closer to securing Messi we can’t ignore the possibility of Messi and Ronaldo seeking championship glory together at Juventus. While City has reportedly documented a deal, the fact remains, Messi must be release by Barcelona to make this move a reality.

The well-documented shock departure of Lionel Messi from Barcelona has broken the internet over the last few weeks. The mega-star’s departure arrives at a time where Barcelona has struggled on the pitch. The 33-year-old expressed he wished to part ways with his beloved Spanish club a little over two weeks ago.

Since the rumours had circulated rapidly like a fire rips through a forest. However, now it is reported that Messi is in talks with City to sign a £623m deal. This would make him the highest paid player in the history of the game.

This is a breakdown of just how much Messi would earn at Manchester City.

Messi’s new deal equates to an absurd earnings breadown. In a year Messi will have made £124m. In a month £10.4m, a week £2.4m, a day £341,000 and an hour £14,200. While City look the goods, Juventus haven’t given up hope to secure a Messi.

The City contract is reported to be a five-year deal. The six-time Ballon d’Or champion has been tirelessly working towards an amicable parting of ways from Barcelona, and Ronald Koeman, the new boss of Barcelona thought it best to move him on as fast as possible. However, it seems to be turning uglier by the day.

This week Jorge Messi, flew by a private jet from Argentina to Spain—continuing talks with Barcelona. It has been a for lack of a better word, messy parting of ways after Barcelona claimed Messi was on strike due to a failed Covid-19 test. The Argentinian’s legal team claim he is a free agent, and is no longer part of the Barcelona squad. Barcelona are trying every trick in the book to keep their beloved player at the club.

While they are negotiating to keep Messi, tensions rise as news becomes public—Messi will have to battle his €700m buy-out clause Barcelona are hell-bent on receiving from the long-time club legend—should he leave. To pay that back to Barcelona Messi would have to spend a whole season out of the game.

While Barcelona will hunt for €700m, they are also trying to keep the star and remain on the right side of football history.

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