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Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live Are Here To Rid Us Of The One-Ear AirPod

You know someone who does this. They walk around with one AirPod in their left ear as if they are Tony Robbins or they work on Wall Street.

Long has the competition to make the most stylish and wearable earphone waged on. For years Apple has comfortably won the masses with white ear accessories in almost every country. Today, suburban streets, Zoom meetings and Instagram clips are filled with copious amounts of individuals sporting a singular AirPod in an ear. It’s become a fashion accessory worn by a select group of individuals that can only be described as ‘cringeworthy’.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live are here to prevent people from making this new fashion accessory blunder. The new sleek and bean-shaped earphones are sophisticated and don’t scream ‘narcissist’. Their design echoes a little Apple inspiration, however the Galaxy Buds Live sit in your ear, and are fit with Active Noise Cancelling designed to reduce unwanted noise so you stay fully immersed in your music, podcasts and calls.

Up until now there hasn’t been a contender for Android users when speaking a matter of all things audio. Third party companies have capitalised on the gap in the market forcing Samsung users to either look elsewhere or even purchase AirPods. The Galaxy Buds Live enter the market at a time where audio accessories are reaching new-levels of demand.

People have widely acknowledged the time they spend on their respective smartphones is to either make calls, listen to podcasts, music or watch multi media clips on social media. There’s no surprise Samsung has taken a leap of faith with such a pointed design with new technology. The Galaxy Buds Live consist of 12mm speakers with sound by AKG to work with Galaxy Buds Live’s ergonomic design—delivering spacious sound, while the large driver and bass duct help emit deep bass with air flow that lets sound flow seamlessly.

Aka, they are a serious and up-to-date audio accessory, probably the best in the market. Best of all, you won’t look like a Wall Street suit with one of these in your ear. Samsung has also honed in on every micro detail, regarding functionality.

Touch and hold to access Spotify

Galaxy Buds Live’s Spotify integration lets you assign a shortcut on your phone. Touch and hold for one second to connect to all your favourite playlists. It’s easy listening. Half a million podcasts and 50 million songs are now at your fingertips.

A smart assistant who listens back

Bixby voice wake-up is ready whenever you call. It wakes up to your voice, letting you control your phone without lifting a finger. Manage your calls, adjust the volume, or check weather while on the move. You talk, Bixby listens.

While most smartphone users prefer good old Siri, Bixby is made a whole lot easier with the Galaxy Buds Live functionality.

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