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Hawaii May Be Throwing Australians A Travel Lifeline From October

“Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind.”

At this point, Australia’s family is anywhere we can set up shop and do absolutely nothing, while sipping cocktails, mock-tails or anything that’ll refresh us while tanning on a lounge with our feet in the sand. Got it? Good, because Hawaii may be set to grant Aussies a travel lifeline in the hopes of boosting their economy while providing us with a sun-kissed paradise to escape our COVID nightmare. If it means visiting one of the 137 Hawaiian Islands, we’ll throw the cash down.

The Governor of Hawaii David Ige held a press conference ahead of the United State’s only Island battling its own COVID crisis, where Ige expressed his contemplation surrounding tourism, and restarting their decimated economy. When asked about how this may happen for Hawaii, he stated, “Plans include “geo-fencing” at resorts, where the properties would take responsibility for quarantining arriving guests for 14-days, as well as “travel bubbles” with trans-Pacific countries such as Japan and Australia.”

While Victorians battle through a six-week isolation crisis, there’s no doubt Australians are all looking forward to take a break and sit in the sun. Hawaii officials are desperately trying to find a balance between restarting their economy and keeping local residents safe. In a desperate situation, many options are being considered by the tropical haven to prevent further decimation of their economy.

We aren’t surprised, with the United States circling disasters like fire outbreaks and surging COVID cases daily, Hawaii must look to take some initiative to take care of their own people. As an Australian, we are happy to oblige the process, we would gladly help kick-start their economy while sitting on a banana lounge, doing absolutely nothing.

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