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The Best Father’s Day Gifts 2020

Chocolate-covered strawberries delivered to your door for a sweet dad, and a Qantas Business Class experience for the seasoned traveller dad.

2020 is fast becoming a scene from Will Smith’s Independence Day, minus the Aliens and a dashing Jeff Goldblum. There’s been a shift in the way we celebrate momentous occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and this will be no different for fathers all over Victoria and Australia alike.

While we are all strutting our stuff at home like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, the world keeps on spinning, and father’s day is fast approaching. While most fathers will request the ‘get out of anything’ pass, we presume you’ll want to do something a little extra for your old man this year. It’s been tough, and we are sure there’s some cool gifts you can gift dad this year. Some may taste amazing, others will remind them of what its like to be thousands of feet off the ground amongst the clouds sitting in lux comfort.

Here’s our 2020 father’s day gift guide:

Qantas care packageCharcoal Package $25

For those dads lucky enough to experience the infamous Qantas Business Class experience, you’ll know it’s bound to trigger some nostalgic in-flight moments. For those who haven’t it’s a great opportunity to receive the Qantas Business Class amenities set for just $25 dollars, with no extra luggage weight costs. Dad can fly in style, and enjoy some Qantas TLC from the comfort of is own home. The care package includes most of the micro-sized luxury gifts Australians have enjoyed as they traverse long-haul journeys beyond our shores.

Chuck on Netflix for him, and let him pretend he is flying to Greece.

Here’s what’s inside:

– Coveted PJs

– Amenity kit (with the tiny toothpaste)

– Grooming kit products from ASPAR

– Tim Tams (of course)

– Smoked almonds

– A sleep mask

– T2 tea bags

Graze and BeyondFather’s day gift boxes

If your dad has a sweet tooth, this local business in Victoria is delivering fresh strawberries, salty pretzels and sweet cherries coated in white chocolate to your door. Dad will appreciate the gift, he’ll enjoy it way more than that soy candle you rushed to buy at the pharmacy.

Father’s day gift box – medium $85 (excluding delivery)

– 10x chocolate-covered strawberries

– Assortment of chocolate-covered pretzels

– Assortment of chocolate-covered cherries

– 3x cookies from @Bello.bites

– Happy father’s day or #1 dad sticker

Father’s day gift box small – $45 (excluding delivery)

– 4x chocolate-covered strawberries

– Assortment of chocolate-covered pretzels

– Assortment of chocolate-covered cherries

– 2x cookies from @Bello.bites

– #1 dad sticker

400 GradiMargherita and family tiramisu $35

Pizza is love, and 400 Gradi’s pizza is world-famous love. The infamous world-winning margherita perfected by Johnny Di Francesco is now available to be delivered right to your door. You can’t tell us dad won’t enjoy a world-renown pizza—crowned the best in the world in Italy—via the comfort of his own sofa. To cap off the meal, serve Gradi’s family-sized tiramisu for everyone to enjoy after dinner.

The MJ Last Dance cigar specialPARTAGAS LUSITANIAS – Single $66.69

If your dad is a baller, he’ll know the Havana special many know as Partagas Luistanias. If you aren’t a cigar aficionado then just think of this cigar as Michael Jordan’s favourite. watch what MJ had to say about this infamous cigar.

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