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5 Blazers For Your Zoom Meetings At Home

Smart casual may be here to stay for the rest of 2020.

When we think of a nine o’clock or a WIP meeting in 2020, chances are you won’t be in a boardroom or any office setting for that matter. While this may be a sobering fact, it doesn’t mean we have to enter meetings in Peter Alexander’s latest. Speaking a matter of fashion, there has never been a better time to dress well to feel great. Blazers are a staple for any business professional or creative. The right blazer can brighten up a room, even if it’s a Zoom lobby. Boss women require nothing more than flare, confidence and the right lapel.

When you wake and make your breakfast with coffee or tea, contemplate a well-worked blazer to ready yourself and give credence to looking good and feeling good. Here are five pieces you can work into an outfit over Zoom—letting your peers and clients know nothing can stop you—not even a pandemic.



Perfect for the morning meeting and winning the day. A pastel colour, paired with a casual and comfortable selection will deliver purpose and comfort for your virtual meetings.

Kendra BlazerThe Iconic $159.95

Kendra Blazer

Madison The Label showcase the perfect navy blazer for multipurpose use. Navy blazers provide more than a casual look, you may dress them up or down accordingly, allowing you to keep the same staple piece with different pairings throughout the day.

Natasha BlazerThe Iconic $69.99

Natasha Blazer

Brought to you by Atmos & Here, this black ensemble provides a more formal approach for those meetings where the stakes are high. Think new client, first impressions or closing the deal. Paired with the perfect white shirt, everyone will know you’re the boss woman.

The Kendall BlazerThe Iconic $99.00

The Kendall Blazer

Saddle up, this blazer leans into the season’s crazy demand for power suits. Woven fabric, a warm earthy sage, finished with pearl-toned buttons creates a dream for Zoom meetings requiring a little flair and sophistication. Shawl lapels delve into a casual, yet smart approach to blazer fitting. A boxy fit will allow for a myriad of options for different meetings.

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