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5 Post-Workout Rituals That Will Help Your Shredding Goals

Six packs aren’t made in the gym.

We often spiral when addressing matters of the gym, health and fitness. In doing so, we can often overlook some pretty simple must-do’s ensuring our workouts achieve optimum results. Making sure you workout is half the job, post workout is just as important to make sure goals are met. It’s a given, if you plan on eating a pack of oreos after your session, you aren’t really maximising your exercise potential. Likewise, if you skip stretching, you will experience pain for longer, meaning less recovery and a shocking next session flexing those quads or biceps. If you want to be Baywatch-ready, then these five post-workout routines are a must.

What should you be doing to maximise, muscle building, muscle recovery or fat burning? Or more specifically, what should you eat and drink right after your workout?

  1. Green Tea – Post workout – fat burning and muscle recovery

Here’s the deal, green tea is packed with antioxidants that help metabolise fat and fight inflammation and muscle soreness. Yes it will provide a subtle kick, but not like an agressive coffee, no green tea will give you a more natural and less hyper-active kick that will have you feeling calm and energised at the same time.

2. Blueberries – muscle recovery

You won’t be feeling blue even after a brutal leg day, blueberries are like small fruit soldiers battling muscle fatigue on the front line of your immune system. They digest slowly, meaning your body will receive a steady stream of energy. Blueberries are filled with fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and manganese. All help muscle recovery and reduce muscle inflammation. Chuck a handful or a little more in a blender with some coconut water and flavourless protein, topped with some ice for a smoothie you’ll pay twenty dollars for outside your home.

3. Eggs – gains and muscle recovery

Yes, of course they made the list. Eggs are like protein royalty. We aren’t asking you to go all Rocky Balboa on us, you don’t need to have them raw, you just need to work them in your post-workout routine to help those gains just a little. Eggs contain all nine essential amino acids (the important protein legends), plus branched-chain amino acids, which helps muscle recovery.

4. Chocolate milk – muscle recovery and gains

We aren’t lying. This is not a drill, nor is it April fools. Chocolate milk is the perfect post-workout drink besides a whey protein shake. When you max out in the weight room, drink like a 10-year-old.¬†Researchers uncovered chocolate milk to replenish glycogen stores and rehydrate the body same as a Gatorade would. Drink the choc milk to replenish fluid, and consume much-needed carbohydrates and protein.

5. Avocado – Everything

It was never an option to leave avo out of the mix. In fact you can work in this bad boy or girl, with your post-workout eggs for the perfect post-workout routine. You know what? Throw in some chocolate milk as a side drink. So essentially, have breakfast after your workout. Avocado provides monounsaturated fat for repairing muscle and B vitamins to kick-start your metabolism. Avocado is also fantastic for those who have consumed a heck of carbs, it will metabolise those naughty carbs for you.

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