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Meet The Australian Brand Creating Sustainable Fashion For Net-a-Porter.

Sustainability without compromise.

When it comes to creating your staple wardrobe, many opt for basics; but true art comes from acquiring pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. Meet the Australian brand who is creating sustainable fashion exclusively for Net-a-Porter.

Sustainable practices are becoming vogue within fashion circles, many fashion houses are working towards a holistic understanding—uncovering major problems within the fashion industry in terms of environmental and human impact. For many designers, the goal rests among durable solutions to improve our shopping habits, and to improve current practices within the fashion industry. While that may sound somewhat simple, it is quite the opposite. As many designers must change their habits, processes and designs all without compromising on the end look.

Aaizél’s designs carry as much grit as they do elegance and are designed with a season-less approach that caters to both hemispheres. Each collection consists of structured silhouettes and undone styling, sharpened with a contemporary edge.

Focused on elevating everyday essentials for the progressive girl, Aaizél designs with our desire for a versatile wardrobe in mind, and many of them may be styled in different ways.

Aaizél has garnered strong global support with celebrity requests from the likes of Beyonce, Bella Hadid, Miley Cyrus, Lorde and Kim Kardashian, and today Aaizél’s creative director and founder sat down with us (virtually of course) and shared some tips to creating a seasonless wardrobe and how she integrated her vision into the brand.

KB: Minhee, you have managed to gain the attention of luxury e-retailors like Net-a-Porter and Olivela; how did this all transpire?

I’ve always been a visual person and treated Instagram as my own design aesthetic diary rather than a selling platform.

Being a one-woman show with little to no budget for marketing PR, I feel like I have spent so much time on Instagram naturally, creating brand identity through a curation of inspirations and details of work I’ve done in the past with friends.

I am beyond grateful for my dream retailers to have found Aaizél via social media and giving the platform/opportunity to launch because this partnership has supported the brand in so many ways. It’s so satisfying to work with companies that also have similar values and want to embrace and promote sustainability, I’m still learning and every step has been so special. 

KB: What is the most important thing for you when starting out the design process on any new collection?

I like to be able to know/have a feel of what textures and colour palette I’m working with because designs can look dramatically different depending on fabrication choices. Since I work with dead stock a lot which is quite limited in terms of quantity and selection, I tend to source fabrics before I start designing.

Often I drape and moulage before I come up with design direction to see if there are any shapes or silhouettes I want to introduce to the new collection, which then gets developed and polished.

KB: What is the current staple that you’ve been sporting, when able to leave the house?

I’m either at the studio or manufacturers running around carrying heavy things. I’m usually in comfy knitwear. I typically wear the aaizél chunky cardigan & turtleneck (it’s cold in Melbourne) with knit pants and sneakers. That’s my winter uniform!

KB: What are your suggestions around shopping in these challenging and unprecedented times? How can we shop smarter?

I think supporting locally made is most important especially right now. Investing in pieces that could be worn across all seasons timelessly, pieces that can go easily with your existing wardrobe. When I’m shopping for myself, I tend to buy items that I can layer because I travel a lot and I want to be able to style effortlessly through layering. 

KB: Any tips on creating the perfect wardrobe staples?

Pay attention to fabric content when buying, most natural fibres break down easily so they’re more sustainable than synthetic fabrics. Also, more breathable and durable! You want your staples to last and feel good on your skin! Also, I think neutral tones are perfect as they’re so easy to match with any colour palette in your wardrobe! 

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