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The World’s Only Private Boeing 787 Dreamliner Is A Beast

Fly from Sydney to LA for a mere $2 million.

Since travel seems like a decade away, we thought it would be appropriate to take a gander inside one of the most exclusive aircrafts on the planet. For anyone who’s been lucky enough to travel business class or first class, you’ll appreciate the ongoing war to make the experience even more illustrious.

Image sourced from Privatefly website

This monolith of an aircraft was built by Boeing to combat superjets like the Airbus A380—It serves as a cheaper choice for longer flights. There are 975 built however, this is the only option available for private charter. Privatefly has estimated the costs of taking off from the tarmac to be $16,741 per-hour.

The price tag seems to warrant a ‘presidential’ like experience. The interior designed by Jacques Pierrejean, oozes custom in every sense. The aircraft hosts forty people in a space made for two hundred. The aircraft includes sweeping lounge and dining areas, a master bedroom with an en-suite fitted with a heated marble floor.

Image sourced from Privatefly website
Image sourced from Privatefly website

While the design and layout of the luxury liner proves it’s exclusivity, what isn’t clear as day, is the tiny detail you can’t see. The master bedroom is sound-proofed to mimic that of a normal suburban room. The aircraft’s design and build is impressive for its size, with many celebrities and high-profile people choosing to fly private, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a response to an increase in demand and competition.

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