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Spread Vegemite And Peanut Butter On Toast For More Gains

You read it correctly. The Aussie-pantry essential has now proved it can help muscle growth when paired with peanut butter. 

Similar to pineapple on pizza, depending on which end of the spectrum you sit, Vegemite and peanut butter isn’t a match made in heaven. Yet, the salty Aussie house favourite according to a journal in Men’s Health, believes it has ‘muscle-building’ benefits. Move over steak, and every other food group, Vegemite and peanut butter is here to save the day.

According to Men’s Health magazine and Mexican scientists, when combing peanuts with yeast extract (which Vegemite is loaded with), it stimulates muscle growth and muscle repair, while also reducing fat and improving endurance levels. How does this possibly work? Well, here it is—Vegemite has loads of yeast and within yeast is biotin – a vitamin that plays a role in most metabolic processes, including converting nutrients into energy. Biotin also boosts insulin-like growth factor-1 (aka IGF-1) in the body; a growth hormone.

This may be short and sweet, but your new muscle-gaining sandwich is everything but. 

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