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Aston Martin’s Replica Of Goldfinger’s DB5 Is Every Bond Fan’s Dream

Aston Martin's DB5

It comes at a hefty price, £3.3 million to be precise.

Twenty-five fortunate and well-off individuals will have a chance to drive the infamous Aston Martin DB5 and call it their own. The original DB5 appeared in the James Bond film Goldfinger and has been a staple British luxury automobile ever since.

Sean Connery and the DB5: Goldfinger

This is a toy for those who are looking for that x-factor in their garage collection. The replica is fitted out with all the gadgets Bond uses in the original films, and as Aston Martin’s boss Paul Spires put it, it’s “the most desirable toy ever built for 25 very lucky buyers worldwide”.

Detachable passenger’s seat roof

The famous DB5 Goldfinger make has been in the works since 2018, and now the first fleet is ready to be snatched up by a lucky few. Over 4,500 hours of ‘meticulous construction’ and close collaboration with the Bond production company EON- the car has finally been approved. It ensures any Bond enthusiast will appreciate a full suite of gadgets.

Simulated tyre slashes

There really is every detail and spec you can hope for as a Bond fan. A simulated tyre slasher, front and back battering rams, a bulletproof rear shield, simulated twin-front machine guns, a radar screen tracker and last but not least the detachable passenger’s side roof for the moments you need to eject your unwanted guest.

Simulated twin-front machine guns

“The ‘Job 1’ DB5 represents not only another significant design and engineering success, but also becomes the first new DB5 to be built by Aston Martin in more than half a century,”

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