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Melbourne Fitness Programs You Need To Try Now That Everyone Is Open

Now that gyms and fitness studios are open again, we thought it best to help you navigate some of Melbourne’s best programs. Here are five of Melbourne’s best studios to try now that everyone is open again.


Is the ultimate core carver and will have you shaking in the best possible way. The Lagree Method is the workout of celebrities, athletes of all kinds and even the former Duchess of Sussex; Meghan Markle. Located in the Melbourne CBD and Port Melbourne K-Kore will have you wobbling out the door and coming back for more. The 45-minute workout is perfect for an effective lunch break sweat sesh and with a passionate team of trainers the Lagree love is infectious and you’ll love the burn in no time too. Oh and say hi to Tracey for us!  

Befit Training

Positioned perfectly on Melbourne’s iconic Chapel Street in Prahran Befit Training is a self-described, “full-service health facility” that’ll have you asking for more box jumps, burpees and assault bike sprints. Befit offers group strength and conditioning training with a side of sweat. Sessions are designed to benefit beginners, customisable to enhance elite athletes and for every fitness level in-between. It’s hard not to smash out every session when you’re surrounded by a community of highly motivated coaches and fellow members. The classes are ideal for early risers and the after-work de-stress sesh. With a free, 7 day trial don’t take our word for it, be fit and give it a go yourself.

Rise Nation

Do you love climbing stairs? Nope didn’t think so, but your body does and believe it or not you’ll love climbing at Rise Nation just like Jennifer Aniston. Like most LA-based workouts, Rise Nation has developed its own cult following, and for good reason. The 30-minute time-saving workout combines fitness and cardio, requires zero-impact and is self-regulating.

Classes cater to most, with three experience levels; beginners can expect to climb up to 2500 feet whilst the most experienced class-goers will clock over 3500 feet. With a bunch of trial options, we suggest you jump online and schedule your first session at Rise Nation.

One Hot Yoga and Pilates

This South Yarra studio’s serenity will have you feeling zen the moment you walk in the door. Whether you want to Yin Yoga it out or chaturanga your troubles away One has you covered. With three dedicated yoga studios, you can always catch a warm, hot or room temperature class. The same goes for reformer pilates with two studios you can always book in a beginner, intermediate or dynamic reformer practice. The spacious and chic studios will make social distancing a breeze; being in South Yarra you never know whose shoulder you may brush, hypothetically in the hallway.

Bodhi & Ride

Bodhi & Ride is Melbourne’s answer to Soul Cycle, but with one major difference, they don’t spin they ride. The club-like environment, latest tunes and scheduled themed rides will have you craving your next class in the chamber. The post-ride high is so good you won’t even remember the hypothetical ‘blood, sweat and tears’ once you unclip from the cleats. With three locations; the CBD, Port Melbourne and South Yarra there’s a studio close to home, work or your favourite brunch spot.

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