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What You Need To Stop Doing On Dating Apps

Right now. Stop it.

Dating apps are fickle beasts, profiles need to be on-point, your image choice, and word choice in your bio could be what makes or breaks a potential date with your dreamboat. Don’t think it’s that cutthroat? Think again.

There are many profile do’s and don’ts, especially since dating apps have now been around for a while, people are starting to understand the game, and are now wise enough to know the difference between a great profile and a mediocre profile.

You may not think you’re making a mistake, and sure, some of these are innocent enough to look past. However, we advise you to grasp this opportunity to give yourself every chance with your special someone.

Your Ex

You may see your ex as a perfect ten, and want to get away with it online, but all things simmer to the surface at one point. And when your potential match finds out you have used your ex as leverage for your insecurities, it’s game over. Many men and women are using their ex’s to show potential matches, and they are worthy of being in some ‘elite’ company when referring to standards and aesthetic probability. The problem is, no one needs to see a picture of your ex to categorise you as ‘worthy’. Lesson? Back yourself in, lose the ex.

Your ‘doggo.’

Unless you are holding your dog, don’t feel the need to leave a portrait of your best friend as one of your images on your profile. No matter how cute, a solitary dog photo is just a bad look. There are ways to express you love your best friend. Put it in your bio, ‘walks on Sunday with my dog’ or a simple emoji will suffice.

Info that has gone MIA

If you aren’t tall, don’t leave it out. If you do smoke, don’t lie about it. When you meet, your respective match will find out everything on your date. They will see your lack of height and either look past it, or they may confirm they aren’t worth your time.

Group photo as your first image

Since everyone these days is seemingly time-poor, use your first image to foreshadow who you are. That way, your potential match doesn’t have to spend the time; they don’t have on figuring out who you are. This has been the most frequent issue users have had when taking to online dating. Make it easy. You’ll thank us for it. 

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