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Anthony Joshua Reveals His Daily Diet

If you’ve seen the man, you’ll know his diet is nothing to joke about.

Anthony Joshua is six foot and six inches tall. He’s built like one of those terminators you’d stand no chance of out running. And while he is a heavyweight, he’s leaner than most in his division. Anyone familiar with Joshua’s workouts will understand why he is in the shape of his life.

While Joshua’s diet is consistent, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Which eludes to the fact—Joshua’s body is created in the gym. He’s diet simply places him in an optimum position to burn fat and create insane contours everyone sees on fight night.

AJ’s breakfast:

Straight out of bed, Joshua starts with a glass of water. We are seeing this ‘morning water trend’ across multiple sports stars, Conor McGregor also consumes a glass of water in the morning as soon as he gets out of bed. According to a study by Sports Medicine, a reduction in body water ‘appears to consistently attenuate strength (by approximately 2%), power (by approximately 3% per cent) and high-intensity endurance (by approximately 10%).

After he’s downed a glass of water it’s a piece of fruit that’s next on the menu. It gives Joshua his vitamins, minerals and fibre as well as tons of other nutrients he needs for a day’s work.

It doesn’t end there, next Joshua will put away some porridge or oats, “A bowl of their slow-releasing, wholegrain goodness an hour before exercise ensures blood-sugar levels remain steady through a workout.”

AJ’s lunch:

It isn’t just water and fruit Joshua consumes, lunch he’ll ‘get into some wild rice, some salmon and a lot of veg’. He’ll also repeat with some oats for lunch.

AJ’s Dinner:

African cooking is Joshua’s muse, in an interview with Nigerian online platform ‘Oak TV’ Joshua seemed to attribute his fitness goals to Nigerian cooking. Dishes like pounded yam, eba and egusi, to name a few.

Joshua’s food choices are very common. It goes to show consistency and a regular exercise program is key, and in Joshua’s case he is rock-solid because of his consistent diet and exercise program, it isn’t complicated.

Aj’s cheat meal:

Chocolate! Yes, the man eats chocolate, but he admitted to eating gluten free chocolate with no refined sugar and natural honey. (And as pictured below…ice cream)

“You’re still treating your sweet tooth, but doing it in a more orderly fashion. I think I can have cheat meals now, but I can be clever about them as well.”

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