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Tenet Could Be John Washington’s Breakout Role And Nolan’s Best Film To Date

Yes, we know. How can it be Nolan’s best? And who is John Washington?

Some people will know him as Ricky Garrett from the television series ‘Ballers’, here at the Original Ballers, we are big fans. Some may know him as Spike Lee’s undercover investigator Ron Stallworth taking the piss out of the Ku Klux Klan.

And for the well-initiated, they will know him as Denzel Washington’s son. Now, we understand John Washington is his own man. But he hasn’t featured in too many blockbuster movies like this one. Certainly, not with Christopher Nolan, maker of the Dark Knight trilogy and overall cinema icon. 

It’s hard to explain the concept of Tenet, but it’s channelling some severe Inception vibes. The idea seems to revolve around the manipulation of time. Washington is seen testing out a gun, and rather than firing it he seemingly catches the bullet back into his rifle. Even in the boat sequence, we see water flowing in reverse, and cars flipping back over the right way.

What could possibly be better than an action movie that has a different, more refreshing take on time manipulation? It’s safe to say we are stoked Nolan is driving this film, with an absence of movies recently, and good ones… we are pleased to announce this could be the film of 2020.

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