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OB Exclusive: Morgan Mitchell On The Olympics And The Game Changers

When you receive a call from James Cameron, you take it.

Morgan Mitchell is, for all intents and purposes, a competitive human. There are no two ways about it. Born in Carlton, Mitchell’s routes are embedded in the West. Her familiarity with Melbourne’s inner-West seems to keep her feet on the ground, even if those ‘said feet’ are running at insane speeds.

When you meet Mitchell, you understand she is instantly cultured, having run as an athlete all around the world, Naples, the Bahamas, Japan and Rio De Janeiro, where she represented Australia in the Olympics for the 400. Her ability to be a competitive athlete is rivalled with a genuine and soft personality.

As we set out on our chat, one can see how Mitchell flicks the switch from sweet and soft to competitive and rigid. It’s ingrained in her, as an athlete and a runner, her ambition and drive seem to concentrate her focus on always being present.

Part of Mitchell’s narrative is the change from running the 400 to the 800 metres. When she speaks about the move, it’s riddled with commotion and chaos. Yet, there is a subtle calmness about her choice, one that is confident and proves she is in full control of her destiny, no matter what external voices may indicate.

Filming The Game Changers at age 21, Mitchell has been a consistent voice and advocate for her vegan lifestyle. Talking with Mitchell, she isn’t here to convert meat-eaters into believers. She is simply showcasing what the human body can achieve on an all-plant-based diet.

I got a call from James Cameron,” Mitchell stated.

A sentence not many will utter in their lifetime. While we begin to mention names like James Cameron, Mitchell’s humble and genuine approach to life may be attributed to her love of family, her sisters and her mother (one of her idols) who Mitchell carries with her wherever she runs off too.

Mitchell is someone the younger generation can look up to, and someone the older generation can be proud of. Her willingness to be herself, and not deviate is admired by many.

“And for me, I will always hit back, because somewhere out there, there’s a little girl or a little boy who is looking up to me, and I need them to know I am strong, and I don’t hide away from bullies.”

To hear the podcast hit the link here.

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