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The Last Dance Playlist On Spotify Is Your Workout Motivation

KRS-One, Run-D.M.C, Biggy and Coolio. Enough said.

Isolation may have you feeling a little demotivated, working out isn’t as easy when gyms are closed and winter is creeping right around the corner. Thankfully MJ saves the day once again. Only this time it isn’t on the court, no, this time it arrives in the form of The Last Dance playlist.

As The Last Dance comes to a close, we have a fully-loaded, star-studded lineup to make us feel like MJ. While we can’t soar like Jordan, we can train with the same motivation. The Last Dance documents the last year of Michael Jordan and his All-star Bulls, while flashing back in time to show us a young MJ. The perks of this timeline is as so, all the freshest beats came from the 90’s and the 80’s, when talking all things sneakers and hip hop. You can try to disagree, however, it would be futile. The playlist will do all the talking.

Play this loud and hit your HIT goals with Michael Jordan’s playlist of the ages. If it helps you can stick your tongue out and wear a tee with the number twenty three. We won’t judge you.

Listen to it here

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