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Drake’s Bed Is Worth More Than A Bentley

No wonder he only loves his bed and his mumma…

Drake’s Bed costs around $634,000. You would hope for that kind of money, you’ll never have another bad sleep for the rest of your days, or nights. It would seem isolation circumstances are a little different for celebrities and high-net-worth individuals. For some, the extravagant differences may be a private island, hotel or mansion out in the Hills of Los Angeles. For Drake, it’s his mattress.

The mattress has been made by a company otherwise known as ‘the world’s most luxurious bed.’ The company’s Instgarm bio reads, ‘you are how you sleep.’ No doubt that statement is true, for Drake it must indicate he is extremely expensive and lux. Not wrong there either. When desrcibing the bed Drake simply added, “The bed lets you float.”

Its sleek black hue topped with a Louis Vuitton type of patterning, creates an all blacked-out luxury vibe, which suits the rappers Toronto home.

As Drake opened up his home ‘The Embassy’ to AD (Architectural Digest’) , and filmed part of his Tik Tok sensation tune–Toosie Slide–the bed arrives to further flaunt Drake’s desire for all things sleek and lux.

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